7 Best Distance Measuring Apps

If there is one revolutionary invention that man has invented in the 21st generation, clearly it is smartphones. Literally, there is nothing smartphones can’t do. This little piece of technology has replaced quite a lot of things such as digital cameras, radios, calendars, alarm clocks, dictionaries, flashlights, and so many other hardware devices.

Likewise, one such tool smartphones have replaced is a traditional measuring tape with a virtual measuring app. Distance-measuring apps have simplified a lot of measurement headaches. Just by sitting in the comfort of your home or office, you will be able to do some measuring and calculations in no time. There are so many distance measuring apps on the internet. And all you need to do is download them and let them do your work.

Though we may not recommend relying entirely on these apps for professional works because precision matters, nevertheless these apps could be quite handy and convenient for immediate use.

Here are seven such apps that could be of great help to your measurement endeavors. Check it out.

1. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure

With over ten million plus downloads, GPS Fields Area Measure is one of the coolest distance measuring apps on Google Playstore and Appstore. The app allows you to measure the distances, perimeter, or area of your residential plot, farmlands, or the distance to your favorite restaurant from your comfort zone. Not only you, but people from different occupations seem to find this app quite useful and convenient. From agro farmers, construction workers to land surveyors, and sports enthusiasts, this app finds its place in their smartphones due to its efficiency and functionality.

This app features a Smart Marker Mode that provides accurate pin placement which helps you to manage your task even better. The app gives accurate and precise results while determining the distance, perimeter, or area between objects. It even gets better because you don’t have to worry about bad internet; the app functions well even in offline mode.

Additionally, the GPS Fields Area Measure app features Imperial or Metric system units that help assess areas in square feet, acres, or kilometers.

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2. Distance Meter

Distance Meter

If you’re looking for an app that could measure short distances with great accuracy, the Distance Meter app could be the right virtual measurement tool for your smartphone.

The app is quite simple and easy to use. You can use it to measure the length and height of an object using your phone’s camera. For measuring distances, all you need to do is, get up on your feet and point your phone’s camera in the bottom of the target and touch the shutter. For height measurement, you will have to locate the camera to the top of the target and touch the shutter.

The app also features Area Meter and Image Meter tools. The Area Meter tool allows you to measure the area of an object. For this, you have to set an approximate distance from the object and start adjusting its borders to calculate the area, height, and width of an estimated distance. Likewise, the Image Meter tool can also be used to calculate the length of each photo you have captured.


3. Smart Measure

Smart Measure

Another fantastic measurement tool on Goole Playstore is the Smart Measure app from the house of Smart Tools co.

For some, trigonometry might be an issue, but surprisingly this application will simplify your math nightmare. With little and basic trigonometry, you will be able to measure the distance and height of an object through this app.

The app comes with a simple and easy execution toolset. For instance, if you want to know how far someone is sitting from you, all you need to do is point your phone’s camera at his feet and press the shutter button. They say technology is wonderful. Yes, sure it is!

The app is just 4.8 MB in size but has over 10 million downloads on Google Playstore. Surely, good things come in small packages.


4. Moasure


Though this application might not be compatible with all devices, it surely is one of the best-downloaded distance measurement apps on Google Playstore and App Store.

The app is large in size but once installed you won’t be disappointed. It is not wrong to say that Moasure is from the future because it has a lot of exciting features.

From the width of a stone slab to the length of your backyard, this application can measure almost anything. It can also be used as an angle measuring instrument. All that is required from you is to calibrate the app and start measuring, the result will be displayed on your smartphone screen instantly.

Furthermore, this app is most popular among professionals because of its high accuracy level. The app is literally transparent, meaning you do not have to worry about objects blocking your way. Just walk around it, and the app will measure straight through it.

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5. CamToPlan


The CamToPlan app comes equipped with Augmented Reality which is more credible and provides accurate measurement results. With a simplified setup, the app is exceptionally good at measuring distance and surfaces.

This virtual tape measures almost anything from the length, distance, and area of any surface. All you need to do is focus your camera lens on the target and set your starting points. From there, move your device slowly so that the app could measure the length and size of the object.

Also, due to its efficiency and great precision, the app is popular among professionals. Powered by ARCore, this app uses augmented reality software that allows your phone to understand and detect the details of images or track the size and position of both horizontal and vertical angles. You can use this app to measure floors, dimensions of walls, windows, doors, or even your whole house in a jiffy. If you’re looking for a fast and easy measurement app, picking this would be perfectly fine.

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6. Measure Map Lite

Measure Map Lite

Though small in size, this application does excellent work in measuring and calculating the distance between two or more selected points.

The app also allows you to draw polygons and help measure distances, perimeters, and areas with high accuracy levels. It is designed to provide precise measurements and calculations with consistent results.

Doesn’t matter what your occupation is because this app has eased a lot of measurement headaches for people from different fields. The app reviews are also overwhelming on Google Playstore and App Store, with many praising its neatness and functionality.

Another great feature of this app is its user-friendly interface with its smooth and attractive design. If you’re looking for an app that could be used for professional works, Measure Map Lite should be the right pick for you.

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7. EasyMeasure


Definitely one of the best measuring apps on Google Playstore and App Store. Using your gadget’s camera, this app allows you to measure the distance of targeted objects.

The app is simple and easy to use. This app utilizes the height of the camera lens and its tilt angle to calculate the distance of an object.

For instance, if you want to know the distance of an object from a certain point, simply aim the camera towards the object, and the result will be displayed on top of the camera image. Additionally, the app can also determine the height and width of an object. This measurement app uses 3D Augmented Reality(AR) engine which enhances accuracy level and provides a user-friendly interface.

Also, you can share your measurement results with your friends through email, Facebook, or Twitter. The app features an animated tutorial that clearly explains the operations.

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With different measurement apps piled up on the internet, you might find it hard to choose the best ones for your smartphones. Besides, you would never want to waste your phone’s storage and data by downloading apps that aren’t reliable.

However, we assure you that our list of selected apps has passed its reliability test and is suitable for work purposes. So, stop overthinking and just start installing the ones you like.