7 Best Gender Swap Apps

Gender-changing pictures and videos are now a common phenomenon on the internet. The question that lingers in the minds of many is how exactly this is attained. The answer to this question lies in the use of gender swap apps.

As of to date, there are various gender swap apps for both Android and iOS, that enable the users to change their pictures to the opposite sex. These apps are effective in providing you with genuine-looking outcomes and even enable one to take videos.

This gender swap is possible due to the use of a new series of filters that make people appear like a member of the opposite sex after a few clicks. Below is a list of the best gender swap apps that will definitely blow your mind.

1. Face App- AI Face Editor


From the onset, this app went viral due to its aging effects. Over time it became capable of doing so much more. The app permits you to see how you look in different sex.

The filter used in the app is based on artificial intelligence that gives its result a more realistic view. The app allows one to add several filters to the same picture such as changing a haircut and putting on a beard.

You can also allow the AI to choose the most appropriate look using its auto mode. On the upside, there are no ads that may bother you while using the app. However, there are some features that are blocked in the free version of the app.

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2. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth

The app enables you to alter your sex and appearance on pictures. Apart from the gender swap filters, the app has other fun filters that can even blend the appearance of several people. It is easy to use the gender swap feature and the outcomes are impressive.

You only need to load a selfie into the app and let the automatic process run. The process of gender swap only takes a few seconds. Notably, the gender swap feature uses AI making the result appear realistic.

In case you need to make a change, the app gives you a number of options to make a modification. However, you will need to make a good choice of the selfie that you upload to the app for a satisfying result.

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3. Snapchat


This is another viral app that can be used to switch sexes on pictures. The app is used by millions of persons across the world with its filters causing a storm all over the internet. When gender swaps became popular, Snapchat introduced a mask that enables one to swap their gender.

The impressive aspect of the gender swap feature is that it allows you to do it in real-time mode. Therefore, you get shots that are not static. You can also film videos and share them with friends.

Interestingly, the app is also able to change one’s voice to be either more masculine or more feminine as the case applies.  You can even add eyelashes or beards to your video. In terms of quality, the app is rated highly, for instance, it will not lag when you move your head.

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4. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live

In its initial days, the app only had an appearance builder tool but it now offers much more. The app has several filters that you can use in effecting a gender swap. It is also a fully-featured editor.

From its name, the app allows you to try out different looks in real-time. Therefore, you can record a fun video that swaps your gender and share it with mates. Moreover, the app can also make your voice more masculine or feminine as need be.

Apart from recording a video, you can also alter a picture. The process of altering the picture is fast and automatic. Thereafter, you can directly share the recorded video or altered picture across several social media platforms.

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5. PortraitAI – Classic Portraits


From its name, the app is mainly used to convert pictures into an old-fashioned drawing. It also has several other fun features for you to experiment on. It has gender change features enabling you to see how you look as the opposite sex.

The gender swap features you can try on various kinds of makeups and hairstyles. An impressive feature of the app is that it has an inbuilt camera. This feature enables you to see how the applied filter makes you appear before taking a shot.

The outcome of the gender swap is legit and does a good job of working on all parts of the face. Notably, if you dislike the outcome of the gender swap you can take another shot. You can also layer the effects to achieve the best outcome from the gender swap.

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6. Instagram


This is one of the most popular apps, due to its incredible features. This app has several masks that can allow you to change your gender. The process of finding the appropriate mask is straightforward.

The story section of the app offers multiple filters and masks. The search function provides the gender swap mask only after a click. You can use any of the masks to take selfies.

The app also allows you to record a video that changes your gender.  After recording you can share the video with friends on your story.

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7. TikTok


This is a fairly new app that was released in 2016. It is mainly used as a video-sharing platform from multiple genres. Due to its features, the app is fun to use.

The app offers gender swiping masks that have received much popularity. The wide variety of gender swiping masks will allow you to switch from male to female and vice versa. The gender swap feature is simple to apply.

After applying the gender swap feature, you can proceed to record a video and share it with mates in the app. More interestingly, you can record the video with a background of your best music.

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