8 Best Hairstyle Editing Apps

Nowadays to get a good shot of yourself, you do not need the services of a professional hairstylist to change your hairstyle. It is possible to change your hair in the comfort of your home. This is possible through the use of hair editing apps.

These apps can help you get an extreme hairstyle makeover at your comfort. All that you need is your smartphone and any of the hair editing apps. The apps will also give you a guide on what to ask for when you visit the hairstylist.

There are several of these apps in the market for both Android and iOS operating systems. A potential client can actually get confused about what to pick. This guide is then your lifesaver as it highlights the best apps in hair editing as follows:

1. ModiFace


This is a popular app that will allow you to get a digital makeover. Using the app you can also try out different looks. The process of using the app is straightforward and quick as well.

ModiFace will give you the tools to change your hair color within seconds. The starting point is choosing your photo that you want to edit. The app has an automatic hair detector that outlines the hair then you can proceed and change the hair color as desired.

Using the app you will get a live hair color change experience. The app has an updated user interface to ensure that you get a good experience while using it. For privacy reasons, the app asks for camera permission for the hair change experience.

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2. Beautylish


This app is the home for beauty addicts. It is among the most popular beauty sites. The app will allow you to access content on the newest hair styles from across the globe.

The app has a wide resource of tutorials, videos, and different looks that you can benefit from. Ideally, the app works like the Pinterest of beauty products. You only get to hairstyling after navigating through the app to get a specific item.

The process of using this app is easy and straightforward. You will need an account to log in and can readily use your Google or Facebook account.


3. Hair Zapp

Hair Zapp

This is a popular app that has various hairstyles for you to experiment with. The app was developed to cater for the hair dos of both men and women. Ideally you can change your hairstyle virtually within seconds.
An impressive feature of the app is that it allows you to compare different hairstyles side by side. You can also upload the outcome anonymously to get the community’s feedback. The app will also allow you to access content on the newest hair styles from across the globe.
The process of using this app is easy and straightforward due to the impressive user interface. The app also has high-resolution imaging, making the outcomes appear real. Notably, it is completely free with no in-app purchases.

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4. Cute Girls Hairstyles

Cute Girls Hairstyles

This is a good hair editing app for both android and iOS users. Using the app you can easily get a variety of hairdos digitally. For instance, you can get french braids, twists, waterfall braids, among many more.

The app has a good user interface that will make your experience using it friendly. The app also has a wide range of tips on hairstyles. There are also video tutorials that can teach you hair styling.

The app allows you to comment and share on any of its videos, creating a supportive community. The app has two versions, free and one with a premium plan. Notably, the paid version offers much more exciting features that you can explore.

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5. Hairstyle Magic

Hairstyle Magic

This is a free app that has gained popularity among beauty lovers. The app will enable you to experiment with different hairstyles and settle on what you love. The app provides different hairstyles for both men and women.

The app has numerous hair colors that you can get for free. Also using the app you can opt to either take a photo or use one in the library. The app will also enable you to improve the final outcome by dragging the anchor points of your hair.

An exceptional feature is that the app will enable you to get reviews from the online community on the hairstyle editing outcome. It also has a simple user interface that will enable you to have a friendly experience using it.

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6. Hair Salon

Hair Saloon

The app is in the form of a family gameplay app that has several exciting features. The fairly new app will give you an opportunity to digitally change your hairstyle. The app will empower you to feel like a professional in the fashion industry.

Some of the tools you can use in the app include the grab the scissors and comb. These features will enable you to make a masterpiece by trimming hair in a classic and trendy manner. Ideally, you can create a piece of art using this app and also get some educational value.

The app has six exciting live characters with cool expressions. The approach is that you pick one of the characters and give them a good new look using the tools the app has. The app will also enable you to share your incredible work to celebrate your success in hair editing.

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7. Style My Hair

Style My Hair

Style My Hair is a hair color makeover app that will meet all your hair colour dreams a reality. Using the app you will also get inspiration of what to ask for in your next hair appointment. The app offers a variety of hair colors such as reds, coppers, purples and so much more to choose from.

The app will give you 3D hair color technology. The technology will follow your natural flow of hair making it easy to make the appropriate color choice. If the outcome is impressive, the app will allow you to share with friends.

The app also has several other resources such as hair styling tips and trending styles. The app also recommends a professional who can help you achieve the look you created in the app.

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8. Change Hair Style

Hair Style Changer

This app is popular among many beauty enthusiasts. The app lists several cosmetic products, beauty products, and hairstyles. To change your look digitally you can use any of the above products to get a fulfilling result.

The products in the app are normally free so as to increase their intake. It is easy for you to use the app as you will only be required to either take a photo using the camera app or upload one from the library. The result you get from the app is all-natural and not of drawings.

The app will let you try various hairstyles before the actual visit to the salon. For future reference, the app will allow you to save the outcome of the hair editing process.

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