8 Best Icons Apps

One of the best aspects of having a smartphone is the ability to customize it. The icon apps do exactly in enabling you to give your home screen a personal touch. These apps enable you to change several aspects of your application icons.

There are several icon apps that you can use to customize icons on your Android or iOS device. So if you are bored by the same old icons, the icon apps give you the tools you need to make a change. This section gives you details of the top-ranking icon apps you can choose from.

Best Icon Apps for Android

1. LineX Icon Pack

LineX Icon Pack

This is one of the best icon packs you can get for your android device. This icon pack is simplistic with over 5000 icons to choose from. It is also one of the best linear style icon pack you can think of.

The app also employs a perfect masking system. It has several beautiful masks for un-themed icons you can pick from. Using the app, you will have a wide variety of wall collections.

The app has category based icons that will make it easy for you to navigate. It also has custom app drawer items. This app is regularly updated to capture any new trends.


2. Icon Pack Studio

Icon Pack Studio

The motivation behind the creation of the app was to enable you to customize your home screen. Using the app, you are empowered to create an icon pack from the very beginning. Alternatively, you can download an icon pack from the app’s wide collection.

The app constantly updates its available icon collection, often each day. IPS will enable you to resize and relocate any element of your created icon. Using the app you can employ special filters like textures, bezels and shadows to get an impressive outcome.

IPS is not just an icon pack maker, as it enables you to import and change any installed icon pack in your device. Using your custom launcher, the app also enables you to change any outcome you are unhappy with. Impressively, IPS works with most launchers.


3. Viral Icon Pack

Viral Icon Pack

This app is popular due to the creation of new-age vintage design icons. The app has a collection of over 200 wallpapers for you to choose from. The app is also compatible with all popular launchers.

It is easy to use the app since you are empowered to auto-apply to your launcher. The app offers ultra-sleek iconography for you to customize your home screen. The app also offers several alternate icons with new colours and styles.

The app employs professional highest quality design.  Viral Icon pack also offers a beautiful color palette for you to choose from. You will also benefit from a dynamic calendar as the icon changes every day.


4. Elun – Icon Pack

Elun Icon Pack

This app will enable you to customize your home screen. The icon pack gives a clean and simple result without any shadows, leaving your icons crisp. You will have a wide range of HD icons to choose from.

Elun provides many folders category icons to sort your apps. The app also has more than 1000 HD wallpapers to pick from. The icon pack also has hundreds of alternative icons for you to explore.

The app works smoothly with most of the popular launchers. You can also use the icon masking to theme all the un-themed icons. The app also has an impressive calendar icon support.


Best Icon Apps for iOS

5. Icon Changer – App Icon Themer

Icon Changer

This app will enable you to change your boring icons and customize your home screen. The app has more than 100 icon apps to choose from. You can comfortably identify your favorite color, shape, and background.

Using the app you will be able to create an icon and install it on your phone. The app also provides several beautiful theme packs that you can use to conceptualize your home screen. You can also use various launcher widgets with the app to help you organize your apps.

The app enables you to use images from your phone gallery to customize your icons. You can alternatively pick from the app’s gallery. You can also freely change the icon name using the app.


6. icoons


Using this app is fairly straightforward due to its friendly user interface. The app gives an impressive collection of ready-to-use icons. You can freely choose from collections such as minimalist, dark, light, and so forth.

To change a boring home screen, the app will provide a tool kit to come up with custom icons. The app will also enable you to change the design and backgrounds of your icons to fit your preference. After editing, the app enables you to create app shortcuts and add them to your home screen.

With over 500 icons to choose from, the app will give you incredible ideas on how to edit your icons. More assuring, the app regularly adds to the collection of icons.


7. iCons – Icon Changer App +


iCons Changer allows you to customize your iPhone or iPad. The app offers various icon sets that you can use to customize your screen. You can also choose a background that reflects your mood.

The app offers you a variety of wallpapers, both static and moving. You can then blend the icons and backgrounds tat blend properly. Ideally, the app will enable you to create an icon that is entirely original.

The app is also easy to use due to its friendly user interface. There is also a detailed and easy to comprehend instructions manual for each of the app’s functionalities.


8. Icon Changer +

Icon Changer +

This app will enable you to create an icon on your iPhone or iPad. It will allow you to customize and transform your home screen and make it reflect your mood.

In editing the icons, you can choose from your phone’s gallery. You can also employ different themes from the app’s collection. The process of changing the icons is easy and exciting.

A special feature is that you can use the icon’s lock to protect your privacy. In addition, you can change the icon’s name to any preferred label. With this app, you are assured of creating icons to reflect your mood and passions.