7 Best Rap Maker Apps

Rapping is not as easy a job as it may seem on the outside. Sometimes, they may actually require a lot of time and effort to write. Besides writing cool and catchy lyrics, you also need top-notch rhyme and rhythm, beats, and flows. Back then, everything had to be done in a recording studio with loads of patience and money. But now, with technology in full swing, you can make rap music just by sitting in the comfort of your room.

With the help of our special apps, you will be able to record your own rap songs on par with recording studios. So, what are you waiting for? Just download these apps and start creating your own rap music!

1. AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule

With AutoRap, you get all the right elements in creating your own perfect rap tracks. The app boast of its high-quality audio which provides smooth and polished recordings. Besides, you don’t have to worry about not striking the right beats and flow. This app easily identifies pitch correction and comes up with better sound alternatives. How does it work? Well, just talk to your phone’s microphone and the app will modify your vocal frequency and provide the best beat-matching flows.

AutoRap features over 5000 free instrumental beats ranging from timeless classics to the latest Hip-Hop and R&B hits. The app also features a battle platform where you can compete and showcase your skills with other creators. By joining the AutoRap community, you get to meet dope rappers where you can take up challenges, interact with them, and even start collaborations.

Overall, AutoRap is just the right app if you want to experiment with different beats and peeps!

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2. Rap Fame

Rap Fame

Doesn’t matter if you’re a pro rapper or just a beginner, this app will bring out the best of your hip-hop creativity. Rap Fame features over 1000+ A1 rap beats and vocal tune FX. It has over 1 million downloads on Google Playstore and is backed with great reviews.

It’s not always easy to find the perfect rhyme for your lyrics. But with Rap Fame, things can go real smooth once you use the auto rhyme finder, which of course is free. With features like Audio effects, Equalizers, and Pitch Changer, this app is like a mini recording that will definitely change your rap game. Also, you can upload your own custom beats and rap over it, but you will need a subscription to get this feature.

What’s more? You can make collabs with other rappers, create or join rap crews and showcase your skills on various social media platforms.

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3. BattleMe


Eminem kickstarted from rap battles and changed the entire Hip-hop scene, didn’t he? Well, this app can definitely help you if you’re also into rap battles. But how? Just select the opponents you want to battle with. Next, decide the mode of battle rap you want to go for such as open, blind, acapella, audio, or video mode. Finally, the winner will be decided by the public or the judges you choose!

Additionally, BattleMe lets you record your own freestyle verses on your phone, so honing your battle skills won’t take time. The app also features dope beats that you can apply to your recordings or edit your voice using the auto vocal tune effects.

Once you join the BattleMe community, you can connect with dope rappers or find opponents of your choice.


4. Rap Maker

Rap Maker - Recording Studio

Rap Maker is a royalty-free app, which means you’re the boss and you own the copyrights of your tracks! Taking inspiration from top rappers and pop artists, this app features a unique and exclusive beats collection.

Basically, this app allows you to record your voice with real-time audio effects using tools like pro auto voice tune, pitch control, and reverb and compressor effects. In short, the app determines the quality of your track and makes modifications using a good key. There’s also an auto limiter that extracts any record saturation problems.

If you want to rap over your own beats, this app has it all covered for you. Rap Maker allows you to import your own beats so that you can experiment with them and have fun. You can also share your recordings with your friends and see their jaws drop!

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5. Rap Maker – Rap Music Beat


Built with exciting features, this app remains one of the best rap beat recording applications on Google Playstore. It’s not just the awesome features that you should consider in this app, but its easy mode of producing and recording music stands out among the rest.

Like other similar apps, this app also contains high-quality rap beats and audio that can be easily used for composing your personal rap songs. Not to mention, the beats are free to use and you can even modify your voice using the auto vocal tune effects over some dope rap beats.

The app’s library is customizable, meaning you can choose your favorite song, trim the audio or apply different voice effects and then save it. This app is genuinely free and does not charge any fees for its usage. Just download the app and you won’t be disappointed!


6. Instrumental Rap Beats

Instrumental Rap Beats

No matter how much effort you put in to write good lyrics, if the beats are sloppy or say doesn’t match with the flow, your hard work gets undermined. Well, if you’re stuck in a similar muddle, then maybe you should totally try out this app.

This app offers a vast collection of beautiful beats and instrumentals from top Hip-hop and R&B artists. Its playlist contains multiple genres starting from gangsta beats, freestyle rap beats, rap battle, old school rap beats, East Coast and West Coast beats, Reggaeton beats, dance hall beats, and finally techno beats. On top of that, the app comes with a very friendly UI and includes a timer for sleep-alarm.

All in all, the app will absolutely help you become a rap composer, thanks to its ample collection of handpicked tracks and beats!


7. Raply

Raply - Rap Maker Studio

Raply app is a hip-hop community platform where you can showcase your talent, interact with other hip-hop lovers, get feedback, and improve your rap skills. To be able to share your composition with other music lovers like you and get support from them, how motivating can it get?

The app provides an online rap studio so that you can compose your own rap video using a variety of beats including an autotuning tool to modify your voice. The app is simple, make no mistake, Raply can make you sound like a professional rapper within no time!

The app also provides a feed where you can upload your composition and get feedback from other creators or perhaps get noticed by rap producers. Also, you can earn cash through sponsorships by creating quality rap music and sharing it with the world!

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Why Hip-hop is so popular?

Today, Hip-hop or rap music is officially the most consumed genre of music in the United States. Since 2017, it has been the dominant music genre in the US Billboard charts, beating other popular genres like Rock and Pop. Additionally, with new talents and superstars created each year, it’s pretty obvious that Hip-hop will continue to stay on top for quite some time.

Why is it so popular? Truth is Hip-hop is more than just a genre, it is a culture that has influenced the American people since the 1970s. It’s particularly, the young people that have made Hip-hop reach its current height. Since Hip-hop comes with a rebellious nature, youths find it easy to relate with. Besides, this genre of music becomes more relatable as the lyrics are mostly based on the hardships faced by certain communities and shed light on it.

Whatsoever, it’s impossible to see a decline in the Hip-hop industry any sooner, considering its rich audience and market value.