The 5 Best Scary Prank Apps

Funny pranks can get unfunny especially when the victims lack humor. But with horror pranks, things can get really nasty even with the Bravehearts. It might scare the bejesus out of your friend, but who doesn’t need a few jumps scare in life to get the adrenaline rush moving.

So, why wait for Halloween when we have plenty of online ghouls and witches roaming around already? Just download our wicked apps and scare the wits out of your friends.

Disclaimer: We do not support or encourage any type of pranks that could harm or jeopardize someone’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

1. Scary Pranks

Scary Pranks

First off, this app is not for the faint-hearted ones. It has super-scary features that are extremely horrifying and can cause panic for some people. It’s important to not try this app on pregnant women, children, heart patients, or people with psychological disorders.

For pranksters, this is the hub of pranks. Among all the crazy features, the Call from Hell feature is the craziest one. Imagine answering a call and instead of hearing a normal ‘hello’, you get screamed at straight from hell. How terrifying is that! Also, the Guard the Phone feature can be quite fretful too. All you need to do is leave your phone on the table and ask your friend to check it out for you. The moment he touches the phone, an eerie ghost will jump on the phone screen and scare the wits out of him!

The app also has a Fake Game feature where you can lure your friend into playing it and surprise him with spooky results. Other features such as the Hell Camera, Cute Cat, and Color Blind all come with petrifying jump scares.


2. Scary Nun Fake Chat And Video Call

Scary Nun Fake Chat And Video Call

Remember Valak, the demonic nun from The Conjuring movie? Well, this app is the channel to get in touch with her doppelganger!

Fool your friends by making them believe that you’re really chatting and receiving video calls from the scary nun. The video call appears super-realistic and the minute your friend answers the call, the nun’s voice will scare the daylights out of him.

The app works by allowing you to make a simulated chat where you can send and receive messages from the scary nun. The live chat and live video calls make it even more believable for your friends. Also, you and your friends can either accept or reject the incoming call from the nun. This feature gives the app a more realistic touch. The app is free and quite easy to use.


3. Scary Camera Prank

Scary Camera Prank

With this app, you can frighten the life out of your friends by taking a picture of them and editing the background with the most horrifying creatures.

Imagine an evil spirit photobombing your photograph. How would you react? That would prolly send chills down your spine, right? Now if you want your friends to get some Shutter’s vibes, this app would do the job perfectly. Just take a picture with your friends at odd hours and using the horror photo editor, put the spookiest character in the background. Now show it to them and act petrified!

The app features a number of creepy characters that still give us sleepless nights. From flesh-eating zombies and scary ghosts to Slender Man and Pennywise himself, this app reeks of the most petrifying and mysterious Sci-Fi bogeymen. The app’s interface is clean and its photo effects are quite easy to use.


4. Maze Game Horror Prank

Maze Game Horror Prank

Why always prank others? Sometimes you should turn the tide on yourself and get some spooky time. This Scary Maze App is one of the best pranking apps on the internet. With over 10 million downloads and amazing reviews from different countries, this app certainly has some sinister features that will freak you out.

How does it work? Well, you need to start the gameplay by trying to pass through several mazes using the red square without hitting the walls. Since we hate spoilers, we can’t tell you what happens if you hit the wall! A hint? We can spare this at least. Well, some not-so-friendly beings reside within the walls!

The game is quite simple but very effective in yielding jump scares. You can let your friends play the game and then get them off guard with the twist.


5. Cursed Phone Horror Call Prank

Cursed Phone

Imagine your phone getting possessed by a nasty spirit and you don’t know anything about exorcism! That’s pretty scary to even think of, right? Well, you can try this prank app to experience such a terrifying situation.

Once put to work, this mischievous app won’t simply let you answer calls from your friends! The buttons will move, get contorted, then take the shapes of bugs and scurry away. Finally, the devil will claim your soul by revealing itself and smashing your phone screen!

Now, let’s come back to earth and talk about its features. The app has a cool interface and is very easy to use. Features like phone calls, text messages from evil spirits, and fake screen cracks appear super-realistic. Caller names are customizable and also the simulated glitches and bugs can fool your friends into believing that your phone is really being possessed!


Final Note:

One clear thing about pranking is that the prankee enjoys or derives fun from his pranks. But it’s for the victim to decide whether to brush it off or take the matter to court. It’s important not to mistake bullying for pranks. While some pranks can seem harmless, there are others who cross all limits just for the sake of gaining some attention.

Prank someone to put a smile on their face not to snatch the same away.

Thanks for going through this article. Healthy pranking!