7 Best Tanpura Apps

If you are planning on classical Indian music with tanpura, you are in for a treat. The practice is quite different compared to the western since musicians use tanpura as they practice as well as when performing.

Besides, it is a hassle carrying these instruments with you. So, the most convenient way you can continue practising is through the use of tanpura apps. Thanks to the development of iOS and Android apps, you can practice playing tanpura on the go.

The best tanpura apps provide a way to customize the sound to meet your needs. Here are the best tanpura apps available on iOS and Android devices.

1. Sur Sadhak

Sur Sadhak

Sur Sadhak app combines two instruments used in classical music i.e., Tanpura and Tabla Taal. It allows users to practice using these virtual tools thanks to its intuitive user interface. The app has a dedicated tanpura and tabla section.

In this section, you can change the number of beats played in a minute and even select from various taals. Depending on your needs, the app allows you to play both together or individually.

You can play tanpura at any speed on this app. Some of the features for tanpura include background playback, fine-tuning, adjustable tempo, and the ability to select Swar with a continuous non-stop audio loop.

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2. TaalMala


TaalMala offers personalized instrument sounds such as Tanpura, Tabla, Manjeera and Pakhawaj. You can use it for your daily live concerts. The app provides high-quality Tanpura sounds that are sampled from real instruments.

Also, you get access to over 360 pre-composed Taals and sequences. With TaalMala, you also get access to over 246 pre-composed Nagma compositions. What’s more, the app provides over 600 SwarMandal patterns in over 60 Ragas.

So, TaalMala is one of the most comprehensive practising apps for an Indian musician. The powerful sequencer on this app allows you to compose fixed, tempo-based sequences from Lehras and Taals library. The app even includes a built-in pitch detector for precise matching and support for up to 2 simultaneous tanpuras.

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3. Dhwani Tanpura

Dhwani Tanpura

With this app, you get a customizable app that lets you learn Indian classical music. The app allows you to alter the pitch by scrolling the screen. It delivers sounds that are very close to the real tanpura.

The app is ideal for musicians, amateurs, or professionals, beginners or experts who need Tanpura for practising and performing Indian music. People like the electronic Tanpura app for its convenience and ease of use. The design of this professional app makes beautiful resonating sounds like a real Tanpura.

It is carefully tuned to precisely reproduce the sound of a real Tanpura instrument taking into account overtones, resonance and beautiful tone. The app sets itself apart from the rest by providing quality sounds with advanced customization options together with professional signal processing settings.

The app lets you choose the right pitch by scrolling left or right. Also, if necessary, you can adjust the pitch manually. Also, you can modify the plucking tempo of the Tanpura and the general volume of the sounds.

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4. Tanpura Studio

Tanpura Studio

Tanpura Studio app provides real tanpura sounds you will not find on any other app. It adds authentic tanpura sounds during your Riaz sessions. The app elicits the feeling of being accompanied by a real tanpura player.

Thanks to its simple, logical and clean interface, the app with its built-in features packs a punch. It allows you to change the tanpura scale through the tuner panel. This way, you can fine-tune the tanpura to meet your personal preferences.

Best of all, tuning takes place through sliding the fine-tune slider. Also, you can adjust the speed of the tanpura using the tempo slider. In addition, the app makes it easy to choose the tanpura you wish to play with a choice of selection from female and male tanpura.

The app includes meticulous recordings of various tanpura pitches and combinations that give a live tanpura sensation. Regardless of whether you are a student, seasoned professional or a hobbyist, Tanpura Studio is perfect for all classical Indian instrumentalists and vocalists.

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5. Real Tanpura

Real Tanpura

This is another simple and easy app that provides high fidelity full-stereo recordings of the real acoustic Tanpura. The recordings are done in a professional studio. The app delivers full and rich natural overtones associated with a real acoustic Tanpura.

With this app, you get authentic sounds as opposed to other electronic tanpura apps that produce sound through mathematical algorithms. The intuitive design of the app is ideal for professionals, children and adults.

Some of the features you enjoy in this app include the ability to tune Tanpura individually per pitch, rich resonance, supports Bluetooth speaker and offers 100% natural recordings.

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6. Bheema Tanpura

Bheema Tanpura

This app delivers a concert-quality tanpura synthesizer. It supports 2 precisely tuned tanpuras each with 6 strings together with advanced controls on one page. The app lets you enjoy high fidelity when you connect your mobile device to good speakers.

Bheema Tanpura includes various digital tanpura profiles. You can use them to change the pluck style/tempo to get the best combination that meets your taste. The app even supports two full octaves.

With this app, you can create a serene ambience without understanding too much about Tanpura. It excels at generating realistic acoustic tanpura sounds.

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7. Tanpura With Tabla & Sitar

Tanpura With Tabla & Sitar

This Indian music app is an electronic Tanpura designed for smartphones and tablets. The app delivers beautiful and realistic tanpura sound. It combines Tanpura with Tabla player and Sitar player.

With this app, you get a rhythmic and melodic accompaniment for both practising and jamming along with virtual musicians. You can choose to play Tanpura or all of them. It is worth noting that the sounds will automatically sync.

The tanpura player supports various scales ranging from A to F#. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to play. The app places all the controls for each player such as volume controls within reach. Also, selecting the right key and taal is easy on this app.

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