6 Top-Rated Best Ukulele Apps

Technology makes learning new things a lot easier. If you are interested in learning how to play the ukulele without enrolling in any school, then you can rely on Android and iOS ukulele apps. These make it easy to learn and they are free.

Ukulele is a popular member of the guitar instrument family with four nylon strings. If you are new to the ukulele and wish to expand your understanding of the instrument, these apps provide a convenient and cheap alternative to learning the ukulele.

Ukulele is not easy for just anyone to pick it and play. However, technology makes it easy to get tips on how to play the ukulele on your iOS or Android device. There are multiple apps that help learn the ukulele. To make it easy to choose the right app, here are the best ukulele apps available on both Android and iOS platforms.

1. The Ukulele App

The Ukulele App

With this app, learning the ukulele is very easy. The app even comes with over 400 videos from a ukulele teacher that try to help you understand the notes you’re playing. It even helps you find your chords and tune your ukulele.

The app has over five hundred thousand downloads on Android devices. Also, it has good reviews thanks to the ease of using the app. As such, a beginner can use the app to learn the ukulele.

It claims to provide the most comprehensive chord library. Also, the app allows reverse chord look-up which tells you the notes you are playing and the name of the chord. The app even comes with a built chord progression tool and metronome that help learners master changing chords easily.

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2. Real Ukulele

Real Ukulele

Real Ukulele is a free app that works on both Android and iOS devices. The app includes a ukulele simulator. This way, you can practice different chords on the ukulele using your mobile device. It produces a realistic sound. Best of all it is user friendly.

The app is great for learning the ukulele on the fly. Also, enjoys a large database of chords. You can use the app to learn tunes, songs and tabs on your device. It is among the most realistic ukulele simulator apps.

As well, the app lets you look up chords and tune your ukulele by ear. With this app, you can tune your ukulele on the go. You can easily and quickly master the ukulele with this app regardless of whether you are a beginner or you are just brushing up your skills.

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3. Ukulele Karaoke

Ukulele Karaoke

Learning ukulele with Ukulele karaoke app is fun and colourful. It is perfect for beginners since it allows you to learn new songs fast without knowing how to read tabs or sheet music. Its features include simple chords, useful playing tips and the option to create your songbook among others.

It is the perfect ukulele app. The app will help you master your favourite hit songs using its beginner-friendly app. It displays all the songs in the app in a play-along style with lyrics, adjustable backing tracks and easy chords.

What’s more, you can use karaoke apps on your device. The app makes the provided chords easy to learn. Also, you get important tips on how to play the ukulele. The app is bound to improve your skills if you already have basic knowledge of the ukulele.

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4. Play ukulele

Play Ukulele

The play ukulele app lets you turn your smartphone or tablet into a personal ukulele. The app allows you to play chords without using fingering techniques. With this app, you get various features like a chord finder that helps you locate your chords, real ukulele tunes, set and edit a chord.

Also, you get a mode that helps you tune the ukulele and even play and switch archived chords on the screen. Although the app is free, it has a pro version you can purchase for more and enhanced features like tunes from soprano and tenor ukulele.

As well, the pro app doesn’t include ads. The app is perfect for beginners as well as those who wish to improve their skills in the ukulele. Play ukulele app offers some of the best features you can rely on to learn ukulele. It is a user-friendly app.

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5. Fret Trainer

Fret Trainer

Using this app, you can train to be a ukulele pro. It assists you in understanding the fretboard and learning how to use it properly. The app lets you choose any tuning and even pick and use any part of the fretboard.

It also comes with various games to help in different ways. You also get multiple other features like the opportunity to explore over sixty scales that help in tuning. Also, there are various games aimed at helping you read notes on a music staff and translating them on the fretboard.

What’s more, the Fret Trainer app includes a left-handed feature for users who use the left hand. The app allows a beginner to learn easily how to use the ukulele instrument. You can also use the app even if you are not a beginner to fine-tune your skills.

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6. Yousician


With this app, you get an award-winning music education app. It the most comprehensive app that you can use as your music teacher for multiple music instruments such as guitar and piano besides ukulele.

The app even lets you learn and play thousands of songs on your physical ukulele. It uses artificial intelligence to listen to you as you play and provide you instant feedback about your accuracy and timing.

With this app, you get a step-by-step tutorial that gives you instant feedback on rhythm and accuracy. Also, provides you with a progress tracker to evaluate your musical achievements. The app enjoys hundreds of thousands of reviews with a 4.3-star rating on Android and a 4.6-star rating on iOS.

If you are fond of music, this app provides you with tons of important features. You get to enjoy most of its features in the free app. It will amaze you how fast your skills can improve using this app. Just grab your ukulele and start warming up.

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