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7 Best Riddle Apps To Test Your Brain

Everybody loves a game of riddles. They are so fun and entertaining that it becomes very hard to resist. Those clever questions with witty answers, followed by silly giggles at the end, riddles can indeed become anyone’s favorite pastime. It won’t make any difference whether you’re young or old, solving riddles on a daily basis … Read more

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5 Best Guitar Chord Finder/Analyzer Apps

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an intermediate, sometimes we all struggle with striking the right guitar chord for our favorite songs. We usually end up looking for chords on the internet, which of course, lacks sureness. And despite having the chords at your disposal, if you’re a newbie you’re bound to struggle while … Read more

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7 Best ECG Apps To Measure Your Heartbeat

Smartphones are now replacing almost every type of tool and equipment. Besides calling and texting, they are now impacting our lives in many surprising ways. By taking over things like calculators, radios, flashlights, books, clocks, and many other items, this little piece of technology sits in our pockets and does astonishing things. One such equipment … Read more

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7 Best Rap Maker Apps

Rapping is not as easy a job as it may seem on the outside. Sometimes, they may actually require a lot of time and effort to write. Besides writing cool and catchy lyrics, you also need top-notch rhyme and rhythm, beats, and flows. Back then, everything had to be done in a recording studio with … Read more

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10 Best Construction Management Apps for Android & iOS

In a hostile environment of most construction sites where noise, dirt, and dust are part of the site’s landscape, overseeing if all the works are being operated accurately becomes somewhat difficult. Furthermore, staying updated about the various aspects of the construction project becomes essential in maintaining a smooth workflow. This is the part where construction … Read more

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7 Best Dog Training Apps

If your dog jumps on guests, nibble your furniture or say digs up your lawn every time, it’s about time you feed him some obedience lessons. Apart from treats and affection, there are also other means available to teach your dog some manners, like dog training apps. They are simply amazing! These mobile apps are … Read more


9 Best Woodworking Design Apps for Android & iOS

Figuring out how to take proper measurements, make the right calculations, use specific tools, plan out a project or design your dream home has become way too easy a thing with mobile apps. In this article, we bring you the 9 best woodworking design apps for Android & iOS devices. If you are a DIY enthusiast … Read more


7 Best Property Management Apps for Android & iOS

Technology has made our lives easier. And, there is no doubt that we want more of it. After all, no one likes to go through the hassle of doing stuff, when that thing can be easily done with the help of highly improved tools and apps. Coming to the main discussion, have you ever imagined … Read more


10 Best Retro Games ROMs for Android & iOS

No matter how advanced the gaming technology gets with every passing day, there will always be a soft corner among the players for the retro, classic old-school games. Today, we have access to highly developed smartphones and a wide range of fantastic gaming devices that have aided us in witnessing a highly enriched, immersive experience … Read more

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5 Best Satellite Tracker/Finder Apps

Oftentimes, you may have seen bright objects or tiny spots of light traveling aloft the night sky. For alien hunters and Astrophiles, that could mean something! Little green man? Very unlikely. Chances are they could be man-made satellites like the ISS or Hubble Space Telescope hovering silently or maybe just a lonesome meteor traveling through … Read more

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5 Best Apps To Test Your Eyesight

Try closing your eyes for a few seconds and imagine that darkness as an eternal malady. How do you feel? Quite forlorn, right? Well, this should be enough to make you realize the value of your eyes. Just because you can see now doesn’t mean that your eyes are in good form. Those blurred vision … Read more

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7 Best Apps To Overcome Insomnia

We understand breakups and heartaches could make your nights seem like forever. The first night is always the hardest. Yet time heals and most people get over it soon. But imagine not getting enough restful slumber for days, weeks, and more weeks! That’s what people with insomnia go through, mostly in a never-ending loop! They … Read more

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5 Best Baby Cry Analyzer Apps

Sometimes it can be quite fretful to wake up to the high-pitched cries of your baby at night. You realize parenting is a tough nut to crack when the crying gets even louder after you have tried everything. Keeping humor aside, babies cry when they are hungry, wet, uncomfortable, or if they are not being … Read more


5 Best Apps To Identify Dog Breeds

Isn’t it interesting to know that there are hundreds of dog breeds around the world each with different sizes, appearances, and temperaments? They are such a diverse species that it becomes a problem, even for dog enthusiasts to identify each of these lovely canines with just a glance. But what the eyes can’t do, let … Read more


7 Best Voice Changer Apps During Call

From our childhood days to date, most of us love a good prank and trick. Some people love playing pranks on family and friends but they are poor at disguising their voices. If you are such a person, all you need is a voice changer app during a call. The voice changer apps will enable … Read more


8 Best Icons Apps for Android and iOS

One of the best aspects of having a smartphone is the ability to customize it. The icon apps do exactly in enabling you to give your home screen a personal touch. These apps enable you to change several aspects of your application icons. There are several icon apps that you can use to customize icons … Read more


8 Best Hairstyle Editing Apps for Android and iOS

Nowadays to get a good shot of yourself, you do not need the services of a professional hairstylist to change your hairstyle. It is possible to change your hair in the comfort of your home. This is possible through the use of hair editing apps. These apps can help you get an extreme hairstyle makeover … Read more


7 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS

Gender-changing pictures and videos are now a common phenomenon on the internet. The question that lingers in the minds of many is how exactly this is attained. The answer to this question lies in the use of gender swap apps. As of to date, there are various gender swap apps for both Android and iOS, … Read more


The 7 Best Apps To Control Smartphone Addiction

Nowadays, smartphones are no different from drugs because most people are addicted to them. Everybody is being befuddled by this potential hazard, especially the younger lots. They just can’t stay away from these gadgets even for a fleeting moment. Quite often, we tend to forget our own indolence and blame social media, gaming apps, and … Read more

flute learning apps

6 Best Flute Apps for Android and iOS

Research shows that learning any type of musical instrument helps relieve stress. Although mastering how to play the flute seems easy, it can be complicated for beginners. To master playing this wind instrument, you need constant practice. The soulful music instrument requires you to be in proper posture and capable of coordinating your mind, fingers … Read more

ukulele learning apps

6 Best Ukulele Apps for Android and iOS

Technology makes learning new things a lot easier. If you are interested in learning how to play the ukulele without enrolling in any school, then you can rely on Android and iOS ukulele apps. These make it easy to learn and they are free. Ukulele is a popular member of the guitar instrument family with … Read more

tanpura learning apps

7 Best Tanpura Apps for Android and iOS

If you are planning on classical Indian music with tanpura, you are in for a treat. The practice is quite different compared to the western since musicians use tanpura as they practice as well as when performing. Besides, it is a hassle carrying these instruments with you. So, the most convenient way you can continue … Read more


7 Best Distance Measuring Apps

If there is one revolutionary invention that man has invented in the 21st generation, clearly it is smartphones. Literally, there is nothing smartphones can’t do. This little piece of technology has replaced quite a lot of things such as digital cameras, radios, calendars, alarm clocks, dictionaries, flashlights, and so many other hardware devices. Likewise, one … Read more


8 Best Plant Identification Apps for Android and iOS

Today, there are apps that help you with virtually anything. This is even true if you wish to advance your knowledge of plants. It is easy to find a plant identification app that is available on both iOS App Store and Android Play Store. Thanks to technology, plant lovers can now identify plants on the … Read more


8 Best Marine Navigation Apps for Android and iOS

If you plan on heading out on the open seas, you will need a navigational system. After all, you don’t want to be stranded in uncharted waters. Fortunately, today mariners can download navigation apps on their smartphones or tablets. Getting a navigation system can cost a fortune. So, it is a good thing that marine … Read more


8 Best Face Recognition Apps for Android and iOS

Facial recognition technology over the last decade has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, almost every niche uses biometric authentication and identification technologies. As the technology gained prevalence, the number of face recognition apps increased. Face recognition is even used in smartphones. The diverse application of the technology includes the protection of personal information, decreasing … Read more


8 Best Apps to Learn Stock Market/Trading for Android and iOS

The decision to invest in the stock market tends to be a puzzle for most people. It can be a good cushion for when you retire or a way of earning extra income. Thanks to technology and stock market trading apps, it is now easier to start investing online. Diving into stock trading can be … Read more


8 Best Audition Apps for Android and iOS

Apps are amazing. They are changing various creative industries and it is easy to see why. Most are of high quality, free, and readily available to cater to different needs. Acting is one of the professions embracing the use of apps. The sector has loads of apps that make life easier for those in the … Read more


8 Best Baby Tracker Apps for Android and iOS

In today’s digital world, apps are literally making life easier. With baby tracking apps, parents have at their disposal tools for tracking their babies with precision. These apps make parenting more enjoyable. Baby tracking apps provide detailed reports and charts making it easier to track a baby’s development. Below is a list of the 8 … Read more


8 Best Blood Sugar Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

For people with diabetes, management of blood sugar is important. Regardless of the type of diabetes, understanding how blood sugar levels interact is essential in controlling the condition. It can be overwhelming taking into account weight, blood pressure, carb counts… the list goes on. However, today smartphone apps simplify tracking of your food intake and … Read more


5 Best Animal Identification Apps for Android and iOS

Do you ever wonder which animal species you come across? Better still, are you curious about the wildlife in your state? Worry no more, in this article we’ve got you covered. Thanks to animal identification apps, you can easily identify any animal you come across using your iOS and Android device. The apps contain thousands … Read more


8 Best Legal Apps for Lawyers for Android and iOS

Not long ago, experts criticized the legal industry for its slow pace of change over the past 50 years. However, a lot has changed since then. Tablets are now replacing briefcases while mobile scanning apps are replacing copier scanners. Unlike any time in the past, today’s legal landscape has embraced digital technology. Today, there are … Read more


9 Best Barber/Salon Booking Apps for Android and iOS

Maintaining your beautiful or handsome look is not always easy. To remain well-groomed, it takes considerable effort both from you and a talented professional. This is true when it comes to hairstyles. After all, hair is one of the first things people see when we meet them. Fortunately, there are barber and salon booking apps … Read more


8 Best Farming/Agriculture Apps for Android and iOS

Farmers juggle various tasks day-in-day-out. They prepare the field for new crops, repair tired tractors, or even take care of the paperwork. Fortunately, agriculture apps are coming to their rescue. The best farming apps help farmers streamline their operations, modernize management processes and control all the data. Today, agriculture apps make it easy for farmers … Read more