flute learning apps

6 Best Flute Apps for Android and iOS

Research shows that learning any type of musical instrument helps relieve stress. Although mastering how to play the flute seems easy, it can be complicated for beginners. To master playing this wind instrument, you need constant practice. The soulful music instrument requires you to be in proper posture and capable of coordinating your mind, fingers … Read more

ukulele learning apps

6 Best Ukulele Apps for Android and iOS

Technology makes learning new things a lot easier. If you are interested in learning how to play the ukulele without enrolling in any school, then you can rely on Android and iOS ukulele apps. These make it easy to learn and they are free. Ukulele is a popular member of the guitar instrument family with … Read more

tanpura learning apps

7 Best Tanpura Apps for Android and iOS

If you are planning on classical Indian music with tanpura, you are in for a treat. The practice is quite different compared to the western since musicians use tanpura as they practice as well as when performing. Besides, it is a hassle carrying these instruments with you. So, the most convenient way you can continue … Read more