Audizr – The Ultimate App for Precision Audio Spectrum Analysis

Are you a professional, sound engineer, or someone who enjoys experimenting with sound? Do you want to monitor the frequency content of your speakers or PA system with greater accuracy than a human ear could ever reach? Look no further than Audizr, the ultimate app for precision audio spectrum analysis.


Audizr is a powerful spectrum analyzer app designed for sound enthusiasts and professionals. The app’s features include:

  • Real-time audio spectrum analysis of a microphone signal
  • Waterfall spectrogram
  • Long average over a time window of up to a minute (RMS)
  • Real Time Analyzer (RTA) for measurements with pink noise
  • FFT with rich configuration
  • Max hold and reset
  • Logarithmic, Mel and linear frequency axis scale options
  • Tap to observe a certain frequency
  • Zoom individual axis by pinching on the edges of the screen


But what makes Audizr stand out from its competitors is its usability without losing the freedom of professionals to choose their preferred parameters. You can adjust your equipment to perfection through an intuitive touch interface and zoom effortlessly in on interesting details.

Precision and Stability

With Audizr, you can reveal outstanding details in sound captured from a microphone in real-time. The app’s optimized design by professionals guarantees amazing frequency resolution (up to 3 Hz with 48 kHz sample rate) and low latency, which help you to discern even the slightest anomalies in the sound.

Who can use Audizr?

Audizr is perfect for anyone working in the sound industry, including audio engineers, sound designers, music producers, and audio enthusiasts. You can use it to monitor and adjust the frequency content of your home studio speakers or a PA system with greater accuracy than ever before.


Overall, Audizr – Spectrum Analyzer is a must-have app for anyone who wants to achieve precision and stability in their sound analysis. Its intuitive touch interface, amazing frequency resolution, and low latency make it a standout app in the industry. Download it today and take your sound analysis to the next level!