10 Best Open World Space Exploration Games[Android/iOS]

Ah, space – the final frontier! Whether you’re a Trekkie, a Star Wars fan, or just someone who loves the thrill of exploring the vast unknown, there’s a space exploration game out there for you. And lucky for us, we don’t need to build a rocket or don a spacesuit to explore the cosmos – we can do it all from the comfort of our smartphones! So buckle up, and let’s dive into the 10 best open world space exploration games for Android and iOS. You’re in for a cosmic ride!

1. Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator

Have you ever dreamt of building your own rocket and launching it into space? Well, here’s your chance! Spaceflight Simulator lets you do just that, with its realistic physics and infinite procedurally generated universe. Design, build, and launch your spacecraft, explore different planets and moons, and just marvel at the beauty of space. Don’t forget to pack your space snacks!

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2. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

Galaxy on Fire 2

Ready to save the universe? Galaxy on Fire 2 is a space adventure with stunning visuals and a gripping storyline. You play as Keith T. Maxwell, a heroic space pilot who must save the galaxy from an alien menace. Choose your spaceship, customize it, and embark on an epic journey through the cosmos. With over 30 star systems, 100 unique space stations, and a dynamic economy, the universe is your oyster – or should we say, space clam? Just watch out for those pesky space pirates!

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3. Space Rocket Exploration

Space Rocket Exploration

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a rocket scientist? Space Rocket Exploration is your chance to prove it. Design, build, and launch your very own space rockets as you explore the cosmos. The game features beautiful minimalist graphics and challenging physics-based gameplay. Your mission is to explore different planets, moons, and asteroids by launching and landing your rocket safely. Remember: failure is just a stepping stone to success, especially when your rocket explodes in a spectacular fireball. Houston, we have a problem… we’re addicted!

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4. TerraGenesis – Space Settlers

TerraGenesis - Space Settlers

Fancy yourself a cosmic colonizer? TerraGenesis – Space Settlers lets you terraform planets and establish thriving colonies. Utilize real-life NASA data to transform planets and moons into habitable worlds, and build thriving space civilizations. Will you create an eco-utopia or an industrial powerhouse? The choice is yours, space overlord!

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5. Galaxy Genome – Space Sim

Galaxy Genome - Space Sim

Unleash your inner Han Solo in Galaxy Genome, a space sim where you can trade, explore, and battle your way through a massive open universe. Choose your path, amass a fortune, and upgrade your ship to become the ultimate space captain. Just watch out for space pirates – they’ve got their eye on your loot!

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6. Subdivision Infinity

Subdivision Infinity

Dive into the vastness of space in Subdivision Infinity, a thrilling 3D space shooter. Fight your way through stunning environments and immerse yourself in the gripping storyline. This immersive space shooter offers a vast open-world galaxy to explore, packed with thrilling dogfights, mining missions, and powerful boss battles. With jaw-dropping graphics and engaging gameplay, you’ll be hooked faster than a tractor beam. Pew pew, space cowboy!

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7. Space Commander: War and Trade

Space Commander War and Trade

Fancy yourself a space entrepreneur? Step into the cockpit and take control of your destiny in Space Commander: War and Trade. Build your fleet, trade resources, and engage in tactical space battles. Space Commander: War and Trade lets you build your own space empire by trading, fighting, and exploring the cosmos. Just remember, in space, no one can hear you scream when the stock market crashes.

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8. Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy

Welcome to Second Galaxy, a massive open-world space MMO that will have you exploring a universe with over 50,000 stars and 5,000 galaxies. Form alliances, wage epic battles, trade, and research cutting-edge technology to become the ultimate space force. With stunning graphics and endless possibilities, Second Galaxy will make you feel like you’ve truly stepped into another universe.

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9. Space Armada: Galaxy Wars

Space Armada Galaxy Wars

Assemble your fleet and prepare for interstellar warfare in Space Armada: Galaxy Wars.

Space Armada: Galaxy Wars is the perfect game for all the starship captains out there who love intense online battles. Build your own space fleet, customize your ships, and engage in epic online multiplayer battles against players from around the world. Can you become the supreme space commander? Only time (and a few photon torpedoes) will tell!

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10. Nova Empire: Space Commander

Nova Empire - Space Commander

Last but not least, dive into the strategic world of Nova Empire, a massive multiplayer online space game that puts you in command of your own galactic empire. Forge alliances, build powerful fleets, and engage in exciting battles against players from around the globe. Will you conquer the universe or be swallowed by the void? The choice is yours, space emperor!

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So there you have it, fellow space enthusiasts – 10 amazing open world space exploration games for Android and iOS to satisfy your cosmic cravings. Whether you’re into building rockets, terraforming planets, or just blasting your way through the galaxy, there’s a game here for you. So grab your trusty smartphone, download your favorite space adventure, and blast off into the great unknown. It’s time to explore the cosmos, make new interstellar friends (and maybe a few enemies), and boldly go where no mobile gamer has gone before. Happy space travels, and may the (space) force be with you!