Top 12 Apps to Learn Martial Arts

Martial arts are an excellent way to maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul. It provides a sense of discipline, improves focus, and builds physical strength. Learning martial arts can be challenging, but with the help of technology, it has become easier than ever. With the rise of mobile apps, martial arts enthusiasts can now learn and practice their skills at the comfort of their homes.

In this article, we will discuss 10 best martial arts learning apps for Android and iOS devices.

Here are the 10 Best Apps to Learn Martial Arts

1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training by Roy Dean – Android, iOS

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training by Roy Dean

BJJ Training by Roy Dean is an excellent app for anyone interested in learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Roy Dean is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been teaching martial arts for over 20 years.

The app includes over 5 hours of video instruction, covering everything from basic techniques to advanced strategies.

The app also includes a journal feature that allows users to track their progress and set goals.

2. Heavy Bag Pro – Android, iOS

Heavy Bag Pro

Heavy Bag Pro is a mobile app for Android and iOS devices that provides virtual training for boxing and kickboxing.

The app offers various workouts demonstrated by professional trainers, a timer, and progress tracking to help users improve their skills and achieve their fitness goals.

Users can select from various training programs, including cardio, strength, and technique-focused workouts. Each workout is demonstrated by professional trainers who provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring proper form and technique.

3. Martial Arts Training – Android

Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts Training is a great app for anyone interested in learning a variety of martial arts styles. The app includes video tutorials on Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Judo, and more.

Each video is demonstrated by professional trainers who provide step-by-step instructions on proper form and technique.

The app is a great option for those who cannot attend in-person martial arts classes or prefer to train at home.

4. Fighting Trainer by Critical Bit – Android, iOS

Fighting Trainer by Critical Bit

Fighting Trainer by Critical Bit is an Android and iOS app that offers players the opportunity to learn and practice kickboxing and various martial arts styles.

The app features over 80 moves, including punches, kicks, blocks, combinations, and takedowns. Users can watch realistic 3D animations of these moves and use the slow time button to see the details at half speed.

Users can rotate the 360° model to view the moves from every angle and study and learn the techniques. The app is designed to help users better understand how to move their bodies to perform these fighting techniques and become better fighters.

5. Wing Chun Trainer – Android

Wing Chun Trainer

Wing Chun Kung Fu app is for anyone interested in learning the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu.

The app includes step-by-step video tutorials that cover the fundamental principles, routines, sticky hands techniques, footwork, wooden dummy training, leg skills, and other forms of Wing Chun.

It includes features like a  360° view, speed regulator, zoom function, and more. Users can also join the community and track their progress.

6. Shaolin Kung Fu – Master Yang – Android, iOS

Shaolin Kung Fu - Master Yang

The Shaolin Kung Fu app offers step-by-step video lessons for beginners with Master Yang, covering fundamental stances, punching and kicking drills, martial applications, and proper alignment and posture.

A single in-app purchase gives access to three hours of video lessons, teaching walking, hopping, jumping, sense of distance training, and extensive kicking techniques.

These kung fu lessons are suitable for all martial artists, especially those interested in tracing back the roots of Asian martial arts. Dr. Yang also teaches the deeper theory and history of each technique.

7. Mastering Taekwondo at Home – Android

Mastering Taekwondo at Home

This app provides martial arts training for those who cannot afford it, do not have time, or do not live near a gym.

It combines Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, and Muay Thai, and is suitable for weight loss, muscle gain, and self-defense.

The training includes both steady-state cardio and high-intensity interval training. Users can learn from video lessons and earn belt levels from white to black. All exercises are designed with 3D modeling in full HD resolution and do not require gym equipment.

8. Movements Karate – Android, iOS

Movements Karate

Movements Karate app is designed for individuals who want to learn Karate from the comfort of their homes. It provides 3D visuals and motion capture animations to teach Shotokan Karate techniques.

Movements Karate also features a built-in belt system, which enables you to track your progress and move up the ranks from white belt to black belt.

Whether you are looking to get in shape, gain muscle, or improve your self-defense skills, this app has something for everyone. The lessons are suitable for both men and women, and no gym equipment is required.

9. Judo Reference – Android

Judo Reference

Judo Reference app provides users with the ability to browse and search Judo techniques, including ne-waza, tachi-waza, shime-waza, and kansetsu-waza. Users can also view frame-by-frame animations of techniques and star them for quick access before training.

Additionally, the app provides a feature for easy look-up of terminology and direct access to YouTube videos.

This app is a useful resource for both beginners and advanced Judo practitioners who want to enhance their skills and knowledge of Judo techniques.

10. Kayyo: AI MMA trainer – iOS

Kayyo AI MMA trainer

Kayyo is an AI-powered MMA trainer that provides users with personalized training routines based on their fitness level, goals, and preferred techniques to improve their mixed martial arts skills. The app features motion capture animations of various MMA techniques, allowing users to see the movements in 3D and from different angles.

Kayyo uses machine learning algorithms to analyze users’ performance during training sessions and provides feedback to help improve technique and avoid injury.

Kayyo also features a virtual sparring partner to practice simulated fights. Suitable for beginners and experienced fighters, Kayyo is a valuable tool to enhance training and achieve goals in MMA.


Learning martial arts can be a rewarding experience, but finding the right instructor and class can be difficult. Fortunately, there are now many martial arts learning apps available for Android and iOS devices. These apps provide users with a convenient way to learn martial arts from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you are interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Karate, or mixed martial arts, there is an app available to help you achieve your martial arts goals.