8 Best Face Recognition Apps

Facial recognition technology over the last decade has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, almost every niche uses biometric authentication and identification technologies. As the technology gained prevalence, the number of face recognition apps increased.

Face recognition is even used in smartphones. The diverse application of the technology includes the protection of personal information, decreasing false arrests, and diagnosing patients with some genetic conditions.

Only time will tell how the technology will be used in the future. In the meantime, below are the best face recognition apps.

1. FaceApp


When this face recognition app was launched in 2017, it was exclusively for iOS devices. However, with the popularity of the app, an Android version was launched. It is the most popular celebrity face recognition app.

The app began the trend of people posting images of their old selves. It is popular with most social media users including celebrities. The app engages users with its Hollywood filter selfie.

Also, it boasts AI-based styling features. It recognizes celebrities and lets users share both new and old photos. Even the app allows users to replace the background in one tap. It even supports color filters and lens blur.

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2. Luxand

Luxand Face Recognition

Luxand is a comprehensive face recognition app that offers various capabilities. The app is ideal for biometric identification, surveillance, and other uses by large organizations across the world.

This facial recognition app remembers faces for future use. The app detects 70 unique facial features. It can even identify faces in video footage. With this app, you can add a name to a detected face.

It even provides an avatar feature that allows users to transform their faces into a 3D animated avatar. Also, users can use the app to enhance their skin tone and improve images through the removal of imperfections.

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3. Face2Gene


This face recognition app is changing the medical industry. The app identifies unique facial features to assist doctors to carry out genetic evaluations. Thanks to its potential in healthcare, it is among the best face recognition apps for healthcare professionals.

With this app, medical practitioners can compare phenotypic and genetic traits to establish different syndromes. The app capitalizes on deep learning algorithms.

Face2Gene operates through the conversion of the scanned photos into facial descriptors. The app then compares the results with the stored syndrome gestalts. It allows doctors to evaluate similarities in identifying a medical condition.

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4. FaceFirst


With FaceFirst, you get a face recognition app that can recognize faces from afar. So, it is perfect for the military and law enforcement among other organizations. When a photo is uploaded, the app will search a huge database of known individuals.

The app offers real-time alerts, mobile notifications, text alerts, emails, and precise details to its users. Also, it allows users to add people to a watchlist regardless of internet connection. What’s more, it protects data obtained from third-party sources.

Through this app, organizations can safely monitor employees without accessing the internet. So, it can work as a stand-alone solution and an important part of an organization’s biometric platform. The data on this app is encrypted to prevent misuse and profiling.

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5. Railer


Railer caters to institutions that need to use face recognition to manage attendance. It is popular with schools, colleges, and offices among other institutions. The aim of using the app is to rule out fake attendance.

It functions as a facial recognition app as well as a mobile attendance system. With this app, you get a remarkable facial recognition app for tracking employee attendance.

The app allows staff to log in and out using facial recognition on their phones. Also, it provides analytics and reporting. It does a great work of minimizing manual work by integrating BioID connect technology. No wonder, HR departments use the app to track employee workdays and leaves.

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6. MojiPop


With this app, you get a free face recognition app that offers various fun animated stickers. The stickers showcase various feelings and moods of the user via an interactive keyboard.

You can use the app to take a selfie then create an avatar. The app supports 58 languages including English. It even allows users to change their expressions, hairstyles, mood, and backgrounds in the photos. Best of all, it comes with thousands of caricatures.

The app is fast and provides convenient stickers that almost resemble you. This eliminates the need to swipe apps in order to convert stickers into usable formats.

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7. BioID

BioID Facial Recognition

BioID is a face recognition app that uses biometrics to verify identities. It allows people to log in to different apps and websites using face recognition. The app requires a user to click on their photos every time they enroll for verification.

Best of all, the app includes liveness detection which protects against photo attacks. This way, a hacker cannot use video or photos. The app accomplishes this by actively analyzing movement and length to make sure the user is present.

With password hacking on the rise, this app ditches the need for a password for biometrics to prove the identity of a person. As an end-user, you can use it as an authenticator for logging in to any website and app that supports it.

This way, developers and businesses can easily include the secure, convenient face identification app to their platform.

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8. 3xLOGIC Facial Recognition

3xLOGIC Facial Recognition

With this face recognition app, you can easily search a person’s profile on several social networks using their photo. It is easy through the search option in this app. To do this, just upload the photo and when it hit matches, you will get links to the profiles.

The match rate for each profile is indicated. So, the higher the match rate, the higher your chances of finding the individual in the photos. The app uses a self-learning neural network that has analyzed over 500 million photos.

You can even use the app to identify the age and sex of a person. The free app recognizes faces in photos on your device or your camera.

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