5 Best Guitar Chord Finder and Analyzer Apps

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an intermediate, sometimes we all struggle with striking the right guitar chord for our favorite songs. We usually end up looking for chords on the internet, which of course, lacks sureness. And despite having the chords at your disposal, if you’re a newbie you’re bound to struggle while changing in-between chords.

But worry not. Because we are here to chordify your jamming problems and turn your favorite hobby into countless hours of joy!

To help you play your favorite songs easily, we have come up with the 5 best guitar chord finder apps that are truly legit and will simplify chords and progressions issues. Check them out:

1. Chord ai

Chord ai

Probably one of the most popular guitar chord apps on the internet, this app employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to track the chords of any song without any hassle. Chord ai is best suited for beginners, though most experienced musicians also use it for song transcription.

For this app to work, just start playing your favorite songs from your device’s library or from any other video or audio streaming platform, and the app will instantly listen and detect the chords. In addition to that, the app will also provide finger patterns on how to play the song on your guitar, piano, or ukulele. Besides, it comes loaded with a huge collection of chord positions. So, if you’re new to playing a guitar or ukulele, this app will definitely help you out in the long run.

The app comes with two versions, the Basic and Pro version. For a novice, the basic plan would do the job perfectly. But if you’re an ace, you should probably get the Pro version because it offers unlimited numbers of advanced chords and transpositions. Another good thing is that you can run this app even without needing an internet connection.

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2. Ultimate Guitar Chords & Tabs

Ultimate Guitar

One of the most downloaded and greatly reviewed guitar apps on the internet, Ultimate Guitar is unrivaled in its features and efficacy. This app is most popular among thousands of budding songwriters and guitar players.

Aside from its great utility, the app features the world’s biggest collection of chords, tabs, and lyrics for guitar, bass, and ukulele. With Ultimate Guitar, you can learn to play your favorite songs easily and precisely. The app provides almost 100% accurate chords and tabs, which means users get all the right material and elements.

With 7000 HQ tabs, you can jam with your ideal songs using backing tracks and synchronized lyrics. The app also features a metronome, basically a ticker, that allows you to play the rhythm accurately. It is also Tonebridge compatible, meaning you get to play songs with its original sound. Furthermore, you can use this app to tune your guitar and get the right sounds. To reduce difficulty levels of songs, this app comes with a feature that simplifies difficult songs and makes them easier to play.

Also to avoid hassle while practicing, the app features an auto-scroll function. You can even share, print, and export songs from this app, but it’s available only in Pro Tabs.

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3. Chordify


Regardless of whether you’re a pro player or you just jam for fun, Chordify is the perfect guitar app to get your musical mood flowing. The app contains a rich catalog of over 20 million+ song chords for guitars, pianos, and ukuleles.

Unlike other apps, Chordify comes with a very friendly UI  and is very easy to use. After installing the app, all you have to do is search for the song you want to play. Next, you choose the instrument of your choice, particularly a guitar, piano, or ukulele. Now, with the chords provided, you can start jamming along with your favorite songs!

The app offers chords of different music genres starting from country music, jazz, blues, pop, rock, metals, and thousands more. Besides, almost all the song chords are accurate and very close to the original. To get even more exciting features, you can get the Premium version. Once you make the purchase, you can get access to different features such as transposing chords to play in different keys, capo option for easy play, speed minimizer to slow down hard songs, downloadable chords in MIDI file, and printable chords.

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4. Guitar Songs

Guitar Songs

Ever faced a situation where you pick up a guitar but any songs hardly come to your mind? In fact, this is pretty common and happens once in a while. Even if you do remember the song’s name, sometimes you forget the lyrics halfway or end up striking the wrong chord. But with Guitar Songs, you can make sure that you don’t embarrass yourself in front of friends and family.

This is an online songbook app that contains a large database of songs, lyrics, and chords. You can use this app to play and sing songs at any given time and place without fear of forgetting chords and lyrics. Besides transposing chords to suit your preference, you can also import your own songs and add them to favorites. The app also features auto-scroll so that you can easily play the guitar in line with the lyrics.

Also, you can use this app even without an internet connection. Well, if you’re looking for a songbook, but one that can fit inside your pocket, this app could be your perfect choice.


5. Guitar Chords and Tabs

Guitar Chords and Tabs

An excellent chord app for music lovers, this app offers a vast number of chords and tabs for guitar, ukulele, bass, and also drum chords & tabs. The app comes with a very intuitive interface and is quite simple to use.

Similar to other guitar apps, Guitar Chords and Tabs also offer amazing features that can turn your musical journey into a thrilling experience. It comes with a tool that can transpose chords as per your liking. The chord diagram in this app will surely help you grasp which and how many strings you need to strum to get the perfect sound. Also, if you have missed out on some particular chords that you thought were perfect, you can browse the history section to get it back.

The app also features auto-scroll that enables you to keep strumming without letting your fingers swipe your phone screen every time. What’s more? This app supports offline mode, meaning you still have access to amazing chords and tabs! If you want to get extended features such as getting rid of ads, theme customization, pausing auto-scroll, and other possibilities, you will have to purchase the Pro version.

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Guitar is one such musical instrument that may seem quite easy to learn at first but becomes hard to master. If you’re a beginner, you ought to make some sacrifices, starting from your fingertips. It’s very likely that you will get calluses on your fingertips from pressing the strings constantly. But don’t panic. Because that’s the way to toughen up your tender and squishy fingertips. Once you get the hang of it, learning the rest won’t take time.

Most beginners struggles in changing between chords. You ought to remember where your fingers should move next. Assessing what your brain tells and where you place your fingers at the same time can get confusing.

But like we mentioned earlier if you put in some extra amount of practice, nothing can stop you from achieving that precision you always wanted.