7 Best Apps to Measure Body Temperature

A thermometer is such a common instrument that people use it most of the time to check their body temperatures. When you don’t have one, you go to the doctor to get your thermometer results checked. But waiting in a long queue for your appointment becomes boring for most people. 

Now imagine converting your smartphone into a temperature calculator or measuring device. Wouldn’t it be great? That’s exactly what body temperature apps do. All you need to do is record your body temperature, share it with your personal doctor and get immediate advice, using just your smartphone! 

In this article, we are covering seven such apps that could be of great help when you get chills or signs of cold and fever. These are all fantastic apps that can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

1. Body Temperature App

Body Temperature App

This is a very popular temperature app that keeps a record of your body temperature and helps you figure out the intensity of the fever.

This app comes loaded with great features such as automatic diagrams and graph generation, temperature conversion option from Celcius to Fahrenheit, tracking nearest medical institution based on current location, and access to saved temperature records.

The fun doesn’t stop here. You can use this app to keep track of the records of your family members too. This way, you can always be sure that you’re one step ahead in keeping your loved ones safe. A very user-friendly app, you can even call it your personal doctor because it has all the elements of tracking the onset of cold and fever.


2. Body Temperature Fever: Thermometer Records Diary

Body Temperature Fever

One of the best fever records tracking app, this application uses custom tags and notes to view the records and summary entered by the user. It also generates graphs statistical analysis based on entered reports.

By setting your profile, the app keeps track of your age, height, and weight and calculates your Body Mass Index(BMI) accordingly. This app also supports multiple users which means you can track multiple person’s temperatures separately.

You can call it your perfect health diary as it is quite easy to use. All you have to do is tap your finger on the scanner and there you have it, your BP results.


3. Thermometer For Fever-Body Temperature

Thermometer For Fever

This app provides accurate information about your body temperature and also allows you to store the temperature values. The application size is just 2.89 MB and is very easy to download and install.

Additionally, it supports three graphs, i.e. Line Graph, Bar Graph, and Dual Axis Line Graph.

All you have to do is measure your body temperature with a thermometer or smartwatch and enter the estimated result to the app including your age and name. Another feature of this app is, you can check the temperature of your mobile handset and also view your indoor room temperature.


4. Thermometer Free

Thermometer app


With just 12.45 MB in size and 10M+ downloads, this is yet one of the best thermometer apps in Google Playstore for your Android. The app is incredibly fast and its accuracy level is very high. Developed with unique algorithms based on meteorological servers, the app gives accurate temperature with precise location anywhere in the world and in real-time.

The app also features multiple high-quality graphical themes(HD) allowing you to choose the one best suited for you. Temperature can be displayed either in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

If you want to get rid of advertisements and get access to extra features, you can get the Premium version. The app is available in multiple languages.


5. Thermometer For Fever-Body Temperature Diary

Thermometer For Fever Body Temperature Diary

This app has good ratings on Google Playstore and comes loaded with multiple features. Apart from allowing you to view your saved records in the form of graphs, this app also allows you to view your indoor room temperature, outdoor temperature, and humidity level. The graph display enables you to get a proper visual representation of the temperature readings of a person.

The app includes an information and guidelines section through which you can get updated easily and also calculate your Body Mass Index(BMI) by creating a profile.

The app is very small in size making it very easy and convenient to use.


6. Body Temperature Diary History: Fever Thermometer

Body Temperature Diary History Fever Thermometer

No internet? Don’t worry. This app functions smoothly with its Offline Modus mode and works perfectly in tracking, recording, and analyzing your body temperature and pulse.

The app icon is beautiful and another good thing about this application is, it has high-level data protection. You can add tags to your data and also add events to your calendar for an easy reminder.

The app is just 6.4 MB in size and its interface is simple and less complicated.


7. Body Temperature Tracker- Fever Thermometer Log

Body Temperature Tracker app

One of the most popular app in Google Playstore, this temperature checker app is simply beautiful with colorful charts and a user-friendly interface. Like other similar apps, this app also supports multiple users and you can store their data in the form of charts for future referrals.

This app serves as an excellent tool for maintaining records at regular intervals. The app also allows you to view graphs and charts and share collected information with your doctor or family members in the form of an image or text. This could be quite helpful for you and the doctor in taking decisions.

Features such as the on/off notifications, info and guidelines section, reminders, dual scales option, all make it a very useful temperature recorder app.


A small note to the readers: Temperature Thermometer apps do not measure your body temperature. To measure your actual body temperature, you will need a real thermometer which is readily available in any medical establishments.

Thermometer apps are designed in such a way that they only store entered data and statistics for referral purposes. In other words, it is your health diary.

We appreciate you for taking the time to go through this article. Have a pleasant day ahead.