8 Best Farming and Agriculture Apps

Farmers juggle various tasks day-in-day-out. They prepare the field for new crops, repair tired tractors, or even take care of the paperwork. Fortunately, agriculture apps are coming to their rescue.

The best farming apps help farmers streamline their operations, modernize management processes and control all the data. Today, agriculture apps make it easy for farmers to manage their fields.

They help them engage with both suppliers and buyers, monitor industry news and keep abreast with weather and crop schedules in one place. Below are the best farming apps every farmer should consider available for Android and iOS devices.

1. Agrellus


With this app, farmers can quickly find the products they need to run their farm operations at the best price. It acts as an online marketplace for both farmers and product dealers. It is a free app for farmers to use.

Agrellus allows farmers to search for irrigation parts, seeds, chemicals, fuel additives, and fertilizer among other farm inputs necessary for the smooth running of the farm.

In just a few taps, the app lets you choose the custom inputs you require, specify the delivery date and location. Afterward, you will get quotes from various suppliers. You will then have the liberty to select the quote that suits your needs. Best of all, the app lets you process the payment in various ways.

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2. TractorPal


The TractorPal app makes it easy for farmers to track equipment maintenance and status among others. Despite its name, the app is not restricted to tractors so farmers can use the app to manage any vehicle in their fleet.

The inventory feature allows you to provide equipment details such as mileage, brand, serial numbers, year, purchase costs, and vehicle image. With its maintenance feature, farmers can recommend maintenance schedules, track oil changes, and even monitor specific equipment parts.

The app centralizes this information. As such it makes it possible for farmers to have an appropriate reference point when they need to upgrade their farm equipment. With its free trial, TractorPal allows farmers to try its features on one tractor.

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3. Farm at Hand

Farm At Hand

With the Farm at Hand app, farmers have an easy time managing their farms. It lets farmers keep all the farm details in one location. The app visualizes all data for fast decision-making.

It offers 3 levels of features, i.e., standard, premium, and agronomy. The standard version caters to what is happening in the field. This involves inventory management, maintenance, and equipment as well as store and delivery contracts. It even lets you preplan the next season.

With the premium version, the app allows farmers to delve deeper into crop-planning support. They even get access to features that allow them to track revenue, cost, and sales. On the other hand, the agronomy version allows agronomists to engage with customers.

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4. Growers Edge

Growers Edge Farm Manager

The app helps farmers to be up to date with the news in the farm industry including farm produce prices. It allows you as a farmer to find the best prices for your commodities and receive notifications on the go about changes in prices.

It ensures you never miss out on the best time to sell your produce. The app lets you see local prices, storage costs, and hauling costs. With this app, you can save your favorites.

The Growers Edge app also aids farmers track weather conditions and, if necessary compare with previous seasons. It is also possible to read expert commentaries and manage your farm storage. So, the app makes it easier for farmers to make smarter farming decisions.

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5. Farmeron


This is a herd management app. It gathers data in one place, which allows you to make informed and timely production decisions. Some of its features include tracking animal productivity, listing animals, purchase, economic performance, and sales.

Some of the other features include tools for optimizing quality, structure and daily cost of animal feeds, feeding dairy, and evaluation of the nutritional value of animal feed.

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6. Agrivi


Agrivi is an app that guides farmers towards enhancing their productivity. To do this, it relies on the best production practices for over 80 crops. The app provides features such as project-oriented farm management.

Thanks to a simple and quick way it supports planning, monitoring, tracking of all the farm activities including farm inputs. It even allows farmers to improve their sales and expense tracking to ensure they have control over their finances.

Another key feature in this app is inventory management that sends alerts in case of low inventory. Also, farmers get a detailed 7 days of weather forecasts and weather history spanning 3 years. As well, the app incorporates smart disease risk detection alarms.

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7. TractorHouse


This app offers farmers one of the leading sources for selling and purchasing farm equipment. It features thousands of listings from various dealers in North America. It even lets you search and browse auction results.

The app allows you to instantly choose the category, make, and model of the farm implement you want. You can then contact the seller and give them your best offer via your mobile device. Besides, the app is an essential tool for farmers who wish to track industry trends.

TractorHouse also lets farmers add items to their Watch List, which makes it easy to check the item later. The app links farmers and equipment dealers through mobile devices.

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8. AgriSync


The app brings together farmers and advisors. This allows them to connect and solve issues through the mobile video service platform. The app lets farmers connect with various advisors from multiple companies to submit their grievances and get support in real-time.

On the other hand, it allows advisors to manage various farmer service tickets via a dashboard. Thanks to the remote video, the app lets advisors see what the farmer is seeing in real-time.

So, through AgriSync’s customer service dashboard, the advisor can see pending cases, farmer feedback, and resolution status in real-time. Best of all, farmers can rely on the basic free service forever.

The app even lets you invite your trusted advisors and farmers.

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