8 Best Audition Apps

Apps are amazing. They are changing various creative industries and it is easy to see why. Most are of high quality, free, and readily available to cater to different needs. Acting is one of the professions embracing the use of apps.

The sector has loads of apps that make life easier for those in the movie and theatre business. In the current digital world, it is rare for most people to be far from a smartphone or tablet.

It is even possible for aspiring musicians and actors to audition through apps. Today, this technology makes it easy to learn lines, book auditions, and stay organized.

There are many apps that make it easy for anyone to audition. In this post, we will be going through the 8 best audition apps available for both Android and iOS devices.

1. StagePool Jobs & Casting

StagePool Jobs & Castings app

With this app, you get one of the easiest ways of finding and applying to auditions and casting calls on the go. It allows actors, dancers, singers, and other creative members to find suitable auditions and casting.

The app is for creatives in Europe. You only need to install the app and create a profile and save the types of roles you are interested in. Each day, the app publishes new vacancies that you can respond to if they fit your interests.

The app even lets you personalize your search through filters to choose the most appropriate option. It will even notify you when something in your line of interest is up for casting. Give the app a try if you are looking for auditions in Europe.

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2. Collabor8

Collabor8 app

Usually, big brands look for new faces to market their products. For someone experienced in the media industry, Collabor8 acts as a platform for collaborating with large brands. You can provide the companies advertising in your social media account.

Collabor8 does everything to make sure your collaboration is long and interesting. After registering and creating your profile, you only need to send cooperation requests with various companies.

Once you are done working for each brand, the platform allows you to leave feedback about the company. The platform brings together companies and people with whom they can collaborate. It won’t take long before company representatives find you.

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3. FilmStry

FilmStry app

Each day, thousands of auditions take place involving hundreds of candidates across the world. With the FilmStry app, you get complete details about where the auditions are taking place and the associated projects.

Usually, casting directors add the events in the app. So, you will be interacting directly with the project team. The auditions occur across the world with a focus on the US, Europe, and Asia.

In case you have relocated and unaware of the project you can work on, just use FilmStry. The app will provide you suggestions for individual projects and ongoing collaboration. Create your profile for potential employers to see it.

FilmStry has an offer list containing all the possible daily casting options.

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4. IMDbPro

IMDbPro app

Unlike other apps, this app does not promise any job offers. In this app, you must look for opportunities on your own. Nevertheless, it is an amazing application.

It is perfect for professionals in the film and entertainment sector who wish to participate in new projects. The app does not have territorial restrictions. So, you can use the app in virtually any country.

With this app, you can study a big database of films to determine which you would like to take part in. The app gives you information on a large number of companies and projects looking for new faces. You only need to get in touch with them.

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5. Dazzlr

Dazzlr app

The app is considered an entertainment marketplace where individuals can offer or sell their services. If you are in the entertainment industry, the app allows you to find a job.

Dazzlr even allows you to showcase your talent. After creating your account, upload your resume, portfolios, and best works. This way, potential employers will see if you are good fit for the role they are auditioning for.

The app uses intelligent casting technology, to ensure you only get offers that suit you. You can even receive notifications regarding new castings by switching on the notifications. This way, you will know when producers start looking for candidates.

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6. Smule

Smule app

Smule app is ideal for those who like singing and wish to have a career in the industry. It allows them to practice. The app allows you to record your creativity and even sing a duet with anyone.

Often, managers look for new talents in the app. Besides giving you the opportunity to be the right candidate for a particular project, the app even lets you discover and connect with new friends.

The app even lets you add several studio effects or enhance your tone. With its extensive library of performers and songs, you can choose from any to ensure you enjoy what you do.

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7. Tableread

tableread app

With this free app, you get an easy way of reading and listening to film scripts and teleplays on mobile devices. To start listening, just import a professional script in PDF format.

With the Pro version, you can listen to scripts voiced by more than 45 unique voices. The app even lets you add a captivating genre-specific soundtrack from a library.

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8. MyLines

MyLines app

The app allows you to carry with you your script on your mobile device. This way, you can rehearse anytime, anywhere. MyLines allows you to rehearse and memorize your script lines without a partner by listening to or looking at your lines.

The app even lets you hear or see cue lines whenever you want to off-book. Besides learning lines, the app comes with multiple features. You can even import scripts to MyLines to make them available on the go using your mobile device.

The app even comes with a blackout feature that lets you test yourself and record lines. MyLines app automatically stops when it is your turn to recite your line. Afterward, you can hit play for other characters to continue with their lines.

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