8 Best Baby Tracker Apps

In today’s digital world, apps are literally making life easier. With baby tracking apps, parents have at their disposal tools for tracking their babies with precision. These apps make parenting more enjoyable.

Baby tracking apps provide detailed reports and charts making it easier to track a baby’s development. Below is a list of the 8 best baby tracker apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

1. Glow Baby

GLOW Baby Tracker

During the first year, a baby’s development is important. Harvard University reports indicated that in this period, rapid brain development occurs with over 1 million neural connections happening each second.

With Glow, you get a means of monitoring and sustaining the strong growth of your baby during the first year. It helps track development milestones in this period including feeding, medications, baby ailments, sleep, and much more.

You can even use the timers on the app to manage your baby’s sleeping and feeding schedules. Besides the obvious developmental milestones, the app also provides important information about starting solids.

What’s more, you get an opportunity to engage in the in-app community by chatting with other parents. This way, parents can share successes and strategies. As well, the app offers daily personalized parenting tips to parents.

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2. BabySparks

BabySparks app

With this baby development tracker, you get to know when a baby usually learns certain skills. The information you get in this app is compiled from sources such as CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The app also lets you know activities you can perform with your baby to support their development. Usually, the activities are grouped according to the area of development. The activities are designed for different ages.

These areas are gross motor, cognitive, fine motor, sensory, speech, social-emotional, and self-care. This allows you to focus on one area if you deem it necessary.

BabySparks even allows you to monitor the growth of a baby and track all accomplishments along the way. The app will allow your small one to accomplish their development which transcends the period between crawling and talking.

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3. BabyTime

BabyTime app

BabyTime is an all-in-one baby tracking app that is worth checking out. The app eases tracking of feeding times, pumping, sleep, bottles, baths, and diaper changes.

It tracks everything in a customizable graph that helps you figure out the natural rhythm of your baby. For instance, it helps figure out the natural nap schedule. It is a convenient way of sharing details about your baby with a babysitter.

You can even use BabyTime to record special milestones and share them with friends. Also, you can use the MusicBox to play lullabies.

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4. Baby Night Light

Baby Night Light app

With this app, you turn your iOS and Android device into a singing nightlight. It allows you to select one of the 14 cute animal designs, choose color and level of brightness.

Afterward, the animal, be it panda or sheep, will sing the baby to sleep through its sweet lullaby. It is perfect for getting children to sleep when they are away from home.

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5. Baby Pics

Baby Pics app

A good number of parents want to document the precious moments of their babies. Today, they like to share them with their friends and family on social media.

To make it easy, the Baby Pics app allows parents to improve their baby pictures through its photo-enhancing features. The app adds dates to mark each month. Also, it is equipped with doodles and other cute emojis.

Baby Pics comes with over 1000 beautiful overlays you can use to mark your child’s exciting milestones. The app serves both new parents and parents-to-be.

You can use it to capture the weekly growth of your baby bump, first smile, messy moments, and first steps. With Baby Pics, you can capture special baby moments forever.

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6. Baby Connect

Baby Connect app

This app helps parents document diaper changes, naps, activities, moods, photos, feeding, and medicines. It displays the details in charts and graphs that make it easy to identify trends.

The app even allows multiple people to access the details about your baby to see its development. It comes as an app for both iOS and Android and a web application.

Baby Connect synchronizes information on other authorized Baby Connect apps on all devices. As such, users no longer have to worry about losing or changing their iOS and Android devices.

To continue tracking your baby trends, you can always access your Baby Connect account via a browser or another iOS or Android device. The app not only records naps, diapers, milestones, nursing, feeding but also the baby’s temperature and mood.

Also, you get to monitor the baby’s GPS location with pictures.

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7. Baby+

Baby + app

This app allows you to monitor your baby’s weight, head circumference, and height using interactive graphs. It even allows you to log information about feedings, sleep, new teeth, and diaper changes to understand the baby’s routine.

Best of all, you can track the milestones of the baby and upload photos. As well, you get access to parenting guides and blogs on age-appropriate activities.

Baby+ actively tracks babies’ growth for more than a million parents each month across the world.

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8. Sound Sleeper

Sound Sleeper app

This baby sleep app functions as a white noise machine. Besides, when the Listen Mode on the app is engaged, it automatically turns on when your baby cries. As a result, it produces some soothing sounds.

So, you may not need to soothe your baby. The app even allows you to records your lullabies. It is a 3-in-1 sleep solution thanks to its Play Mode, Listen Mode, and Sleep Tracking Mode.

The Play Mode is for putting your baby to sleep, while the Listen Mode will help the baby stay asleep, and the Sleep Tracking Mode allows the baby to create healthy sleeping habits.

As well, the app generates color-coded graphs to ease the monitoring of your baby’s sleep pattern. The app is ideal in cases where children share rooms. You can rely on the app to keep the baby asleep as you prepare the toddler for bed.

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