8 Best Blood Sugar Tracking Apps

For people with diabetes, management of blood sugar is important. Regardless of the type of diabetes, understanding how blood sugar levels interact is essential in controlling the condition.

It can be overwhelming taking into account weight, blood pressure, carb counts… the list goes on. However, today smartphone apps simplify tracking of your food intake and make informed choices.

Below are the 8 best apps to track blood sugar for devices running on iOS and Android. These apps serve both novices and pros.

1. MySugr

mySugr app

MySugr is a popular free app that provides multiple features to ease the management of blood sugar and diabetes. Its iOS and Android apps have very high 4.7 and 4.6 stars ratings respectively.

The app integrates Bluetooth glucose meters. Besides recording your blood sugar levels, insulin levels, carb intake, medicine intake, and food intake. You can also take advantage of the features such as reminders that notify you to check your blood sugar after an exercise.

You can even share the data and charts in the app with your doctor to help you manage your diabetes and adjust treatment accordingly. The app even lets you upgrade to pro to help you in areas such as calculation of insulin doses.

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2. Dario Health

Dario Health app

The Dario Health sugar monitoring app is a companion app for various Dario-branded diabetes testing and monitoring kits. These include Dario Blood Glucose Monitor as well as Blood Pressure Monitoring System.

The free app automatically uploads your test results and helps you track your progress in its simple user interface. What’s more, the app can save your life through its “hypo” alert system.

The alert system can automatically convey messages to your emergency contact whenever your blood sugar level is unsafe. With this app, you will no longer need bulky meters or diabetes logbooks.

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3. One Drop

One Drop app

This is a diabetes management app that relies on your blood glucose data to recommend better activities to ensure you stay healthy. As well, the app uses your activity, medication, and food information to assist you to attain holistic diabetes management.

It supports automated alerts, the generation of regular health reports, and community sharing. As such, it is a lot easier to monitor your progress or change your behavior if necessary.

The app even offers personalized plans for individuals with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, prediabetes, or any of these combinations. It uses AI-powered technology to predict future blood sugar levels.

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4. OneTouch Reveal

OneTouch Reveal app

The app complements the OneTouch Verio Flex meter. It uses your blood glucose data to search and highlight trends. Not only does the app establish the trend but also it sends push notifications directing you to take action.

It plots essential trends in a timeline to help you spot patterns. What’s more, your physician can access your profile to assess your history and adjust the care plan according to your carb ratios and diet.

OneTouch Reveal has a clean, color-coded interface that reveals your daily readings. This way, you can quickly see when your sugar levels are out of range or within range.

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5. Diabetes:M

Diabetes M app

With this diabetes log app, you get features such as test time reminders, a tracking system, and a nutritional log. Diabetes:M supports integration with fitness apps as well as blood sugar trend mapping.

It provides an insulin bolus calculator that depends on the nutritional information you provide. You can even use the powerful tools in the app to examine charts and graphs at different times.

The app hands you back control of your blood sugar on your wrist through the use of its Apple Watch app. Besides, when you go for the subscription option, the app will let you create multiple profiles.

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6. Fooducate

Fooducate app

In diabetes management, knowledge is power. Fooducate app helps you figure out the type of foods that are ideal for keeping your blood sugar within a healthy range. This is especially helpful because not all foods or carbs are equal.

The app even lets you search or scan for foods to establish a calorie score from Fooducate. Above all, you have an easy way to monitor and establish details about the food you consume.

Also, the Fooducate app provides you food recommendations depending on the quality of ingredients. With the app, you can even establish hidden ingredients and added sugar content.

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7. Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

With this app, it is easier to record your blood sugar. The app lets you provide details such as medication, meals, and blood sugar to make it easy to track trends over time. It comes with a comprehensive food database.

You can use the app to scan bar codes to get nutrition details about food products. It syncs with Dexcom Continous Blood Glucose Monitoring system and Apple Health app which make it easy to track your physical activity.

The app even supports exporting the data to printable reports that you can take with you to your doctor visits. If you wish to get rid of the ads, you can upgrade to the premium version. What’s more, the premium version gives you access to the A1C calculator.

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8. Diabetes and Diet Tracker

Diabetes and Diet Tracker app

The app gives you everything you wish to track in one place. It lets you monitor blood glucose, medication, meals, insulin, physical activity, and water intake. With its built-in bar code scanner, you can easily calculate your nutrient intake.

As well, it has a GPS tracker that calculates your walking, cycling, or running distance. The app even reminds you to monitor your blood sugar. It even provides you with a report that helps you grasp the relationship between diet, exercise, and blood sugar.

If you decide to subscribe to the premium plan, you get features like syncing with smart scales and fitness trackers. Apart from helping you understand and control diabetes, the app helps you improve your diet and lose weight.

The app provides you a flexible and comprehensive blood sugar tracking with both pre and post-meal targets.

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