5 Best Animal Identification Apps

Do you ever wonder which animal species you come across? Better still, are you curious about the wildlife in your state? Worry no more, in this article we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to animal identification apps, you can easily identify any animal you come across using your iOS and Android device. The apps contain thousands of animal species with quality features and fun facts.

Some of the apps make you feel like a professional researcher. Here is a list of the best animal identification apps.

1. iNaturalist


With this app, you get an app capable of identifying thousands of animal species. iNaturalist is the most popular nature app available. It has a community of approximately 400,000 people.

It is worth noting that most of the users in this app are naturalists and professional scientists. These people will help you have a better understanding of the animals and the environment.

Besides scrolling through a large animal database, the app allows you to express your thoughts in its notebook section. When it comes to identifying an animal in this app, it is very simple. You only need to photograph or upload a photo from your device.

The app also lets you discover animal species through its dictionary section or via its search engine. Each animal listing includes detailed information about the animal, its habitat, habit, color, and what it feeds on.

Through this app, you will also know if the animal is dangerous to humans. The app comes with multiple features for each animal to make sure you are looking at the right animal.

If the app is unable to identify the animal, you can always initiate a discussion to hear what the professionals and others have to say. So, if you need to understand various animal species, then give this app a try.

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2. SmartScan

SmartScan Identify Plants, Flowers, Animals

The app allows you to identify not only animals but also flowers and plants. SmartScan allows you to identify various parts in nature. The app will help you find a lot of questions about nature.

Although the app is not all about animals, it offers a rich base to learn more about animals. It empowers users to identify several things including vegetables, fruits, and landmarks.

Using this app makes it easy to identify whatever animal you have in mind. To do this, you only have to upload a picture of the animal from your device. Each listing includes details about the animal. Best of all, a professional verify the details.

As well, you get several pictures of each animal and in some cases, there are short videos of the animal. SmartScan works as a social network that allows you to communicate with others.

The app allows you to share pictures of the animal you are searching for and even engage in a discussion with others. What’s more, the app supports over 30 languages and even works offline.

SmartScan is a great option if you fancy a comprehensive app that covers various aspects of nature besides identifying animals.

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3. Animal Tracker

Animal Tracker

As the name suggests, this app allows you to track the movement of animals across the world. It also comes with a large animal database. The app even provides a map that lets you track animals almost in real-time.

Animal Tracker track animals that scientists and other researchers have chipped. So, how does the animal identification part of this app work?

First, the app does not have a camera tool for automatically identifying animals using its picture. To identify an animal in this app, you need to use the search feature. You will have to take your time to find the right animal.

However, it must be said that the search tool in this app is remarkable and provides various filters to make the search easier. This tracking app covers thousands of both birds and wild animals.

The animal listing in this app is very detailed and includes pictures of the animal. In the listing, you get to know what the animal eats and its habitat. Also, you get to know the scientific name of the animal and its species.

To top it all, if you would like to monitor how animal species migrate across the world, then the Animal Tracker is the perfect app for you.

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4. Seek by iNaturalist

Seek by iNaturalist app

This app works a lot like Shazam (an app that identifies music by listening to lyrics) but for wildlife. Just like the other animal identification apps, it empowers you to identify animals by uploading pictures.

What makes this app stand out is its rewards system when you see specific animals, plants, and birds. Besides, the app does not always require you to upload pictures to identify an animal. You can just turn on the camera and the app will identify the animal or bird on the go.

Remember Pokemon Go, the app works a lot like that. When you identify an animal, automatically its dictionary listing will pop up on your screen. The listing includes details about the animal plus its picture and scientific name.

Also, you will get to know some fun facts about the animal, food preferences, and its habitat. The app comes with a notebook section that shows the history of your rewards among other details. You can even use this section to express your thoughts about an animal.

The app even allows you to add new species that are not in the app including a description and pictures. Above all, this app does not require you to sign up to use it. So, it is totally free to use Seek by iNaturalist.

With this app, you get an entertaining way of learning about nature.

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5. iTrack Wildlife

iTrack Wildlife

It can be hard to identify wildlife more so if you can’t see the wild animal. With iTrack Wildlife, you get a library with over 800 high-resolution track photos, 120 skulls pictures, and 138 track drawings.

The app helps you identify over 70 common animals in North America by comparing track and gait details among other descriptions. The free version provides limited information.

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