8 Best Legal Apps for Lawyers

Not long ago, experts criticized the legal industry for its slow pace of change over the past 50 years. However, a lot has changed since then. Tablets are now replacing briefcases while mobile scanning apps are replacing copier scanners.

Unlike any time in the past, today’s legal landscape has embraced digital technology. Today, there are apps that are designed to cater to the needs of lawyers to ease their operations.

Below are the 8 best legal apps for lawyers catering to both Android and iOS devices.

1. Dictate+Connect (Dictamus)

Dictate + Connect app

In legal practice, transcribing record content is an integral part. Fortunately, with this app, lawyers have access to a high-quality recorder capable of converting audio files into transcribed text.

The app allows lawyers to accomplish more than than any traditional high-end dictaphone. Best of all, the app is intuitive and easy to use. It frees lawyers from computers, cables, and tapes when sending dictations to transcriptionists.

The app offers secure encryption and various ways of transferring legal dictations.

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2. Legal Dictionary

Legal Dictionary app

The legal dictionary app provides lawyers access to approximately 15,000 definitions of legal terms. Also, it includes entries of notable legal cases, events, precedents, and significant individuals in law.

What’s more, lawyers get access to over 13,500 audio pronunciations in online mode. The app even includes detailed information about US law and the constitution.

It is the perfect free app for lawyers, law school students, legal professionals, and anyone who wants to understand the legal jargon. With the Legal Dictionary, lawyers can add unlimited bookmarks.

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3. Fastcase

Fastcase app

With this app, lawyers can carry with them the American law library at all times. The app gives them access to cases in all the states. They only need to search by keyword, state, or date of the case to find accurate data.

After getting the case, a lawyer can save it for future use. Even without saving the document, it automatically remains in your search history. The app even lets lawyers know the number of citations of any case.

Thanks to its “Authority check”, lawyers can find the number of citations for a particular case. The app is free but you will need to register to save your favorites customize search history.

With Fastcase, all search results bring the most relevant results first. The app began as a desktop application in 1999. Over the years, it has gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers across the world.

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4. Clio

Clio app

Most legal professionals use technology and mobile devices for law-related tasks. With Clio for law firms and lawyers, practitioners get practice management software.

It avails critical case and client details remotely for both legal staff and lawyers. The app allows lawyers and law firms to remain productive and profitable through the internet.

Lawyers are able to update the status of cases, communicate with clients, review, upload, or share documents. All this they accomplish from this one app. So, as clients rely on lawyers, lawyers depend on the app for the smooth management of cases.

The app even lets lawyers track both billable and non-billable time. Above all, it comes with cloud-based security features lawyers need to protect data from their clients. What’s more, they don’t have to worry about losing paper files.

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5. MyCase

MyCase app

This is another law practice management software that allows lawyers to effectively organize and manage their cases. The app comes with a complete suite of case management tools.

The tools help lawyers manage documents, emails, calendars, invoices, and cases in one place. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, MyCase app is very easy to use. So, you won’t have to go through a steep learning curve.

The app increases the efficiency of lawyers and makes it easy to handle complex cases while retaining focus. For instance, the app allows colleagues to include notes in developing cases to add context and history for the team. MyCase is perfect for both small and medium law firms.

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6. Time Miner

Time Miner app

Lawyers charge their clients per hour. So, tracking each minute of their time ensures they get compensation for their expert counsel. Hence, having a timekeeping software app is now a must-have for most lawyers.

With Time Miner, lawyers get access to one of the best time-tracking apps available. It allows lawyers to do more than just track time. For example, Time Miner calculates billable hours using phone calls, email, and texts with your client.

The app creates entries for all the activities you log. You can even use the app to find billable calls in your phone records. With this app, busy law practitioners get an easy way of tracking billable hours for different clients.

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7. SwiftScan

SwiftScan app

Usually, legal work demands a lot of paperwork. Thanks to tools like SwiftScan, lawyers no longer need to carry physical documents. The mobile-based document scanner offers a user-friendly interface across all devices.

Using this app, lawyers can scan case files, sketches, bar codes, QR codes, deeds, documentary evidence, and receipts. SwiftScan lets you save documents in various file formats such as jpg and pdf.

The app is even compatible with cloud storage platforms such as iCloud and Google Drive, which lets you upload scanned documents. SwiftScan caters to the needs of all law firms since document scanning is common in legal practice.

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8. Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader app

Lawyers use the Business Card Reader app to manage all their business cards and contacts quickly. The app uses OCR technology to recognize business card data, which automates the process of creating new contacts.

As a lawyer, you can take advantage of this app if you have printed business cards in your office. The app supports the instant transfer of business card details in 25 languages onto your smartphone.

With this app, you no longer have to manually provide contact details on your smartphone. The app even syncs cards across various devices to make the contacts accessible on any device.

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Legal apps make it easy for lawyers to synchronize complex processes by functioning as facilitators and reliable assistants in office routines. These apps cater to lawyer’s needs from managing documents to accelerating research. As a result, they help lawyers improve their productivity.