5 Best Baby Cry Analyzer Apps

Sometimes it can be quite fretful to wake up to the high-pitched cries of your baby at night. You realize parenting is a tough nut to crack when the crying gets even louder after you have tried everything.

Keeping humor aside, babies cry when they are hungry, wet, uncomfortable, or if they are not being held or rocked constantly. Of course, sometimes they cry for no obvious reason!

To help parents understand the emotions of their babies, we have come up with some of the best cry analyzer apps that can become quite handy, especially for new parents. With these apps, you can record and analyze the crying sound of your baby and get the interpretations on your phone screen.

Of over a dozen similar apps, we have chosen the best ones for you. Here are our top five picks:

1. CryAnalyzer


True to its name, this app can detect and analyze the sound of a crying baby with an over 80 % accuracy rate.

You can use this app to analyze your baby’s needs like sleeping time, milk, or breastfeeding time. The app can be used for newborns of 0-6 months and also until 2 years.

Using algorithms, the CryAnalyzer app records the pitch and frequency of a crying baby and predicts the emotional state of the baby. The interpretations of why your baby is crying will be displayed on your phone screen. This way, you can easily figure out what your baby really needs.

The Pros:

  • 80% accuracy rate
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Useful for new parents

The Cons:

  • Only three free trials are available.
  • Need to pay to use more

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2. ChatterBaby


With over a hundred thousand downloads on Google Playstore, the ChatterBaby app is one of the most popular cry sound detector apps on the internet. This app comes loaded with a database of roughly 1500 sounds that can determine your baby’s cry sounds.

Most of the time, babies cry due to discomfort or uneasiness. This app perfectly identifies roughly 85% of pain cries with an accuracy rate of 90%. For this app to function properly, clear background noise is required.

The app is designed with algorithms based on three reasons, hunger, fussy, and pain. Likewise, this will help you in understanding and fulfilling your baby’s request.

The Pros:

  • 1500 sounds to determine cry sounds
  • 90% accuracy level
  • Clean interface

The Cons:

  • Needs improvement

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3. Babba


An awesome app best suited for new parents, this cry translator app offers interesting features such as AI baby crying interpretations, personalized AI analysis of baby cries, unlimited access to analysis, and cry recording. All you need to do is just record the crying sound of your baby for 10 seconds and the AI will do the interpretation of what your baby needs.

The app also supports real-time baby crying translation.

Unlike other similar apps, the Babba app is based on a massive database of babies’ crying that guarantees high accuracy level.

The Pros:

  • Smooth and user-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Provides high-accuracy rate

The Cons:

  • Unable to use more than three times a day for free

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4. WAAH- Baby Monitor

WAAH - Baby Monitor

What we really like about this app is that all the features are completely free with unlimited use. For this app to function, you need to have another device, even your old smartphone would do the work. Just download the app on both devices and use the connection code for pairing. Then place one of the devices near your baby to detect and translate the cry sound.

Unlike most apps, WAAH makes use of AI technology to detect a baby’s cry. It is based on 6 cry categories: full diaper, hunger, burp, hugging, sleepiness, and pain. This makes it more efficient in its results and interpretations.

WAAH also allows you to customize cry detection sensitivity and noise detection sensitivity. The app also features a lullaby section that can be used for putting your baby to sleep.

The Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • App design looks great
  • High accuracy level
  • Completely free app

The Cons:

  • Pairing problem on few devices


5. CryingBeBe


This app not only records and translates baby cry but also provides a great deal of information on parenting, pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, and other important stuff for newborns.

Also, it helps parents keep track of their baby’s breastfeeding time, sleep patterns, and poo time all in the childcare notebook section.

Overall, the app works fine in analyzing and translating baby cry.

The Pros:

  • Works fine
  • Functional
  • Informative

The Cons:

  • Difficulty in registering
  • Average
  • Language barrier



It’s very common for parents, especially the newer ones to struggle a lot while bringing up their infants. From waking up at odd hours to getting sleep deprivation, every parent goes through this phase once in a while. Babies or infants need special care and attention. Even at the slightest lack of comfort or warmth, babies cry. Though there’s nothing like the touch of a mother’s hand in calming a crying baby, yet sometimes letting technology assist you can work wonders.

We hope this article will help you in finding the right choice of apps for you and your baby. Good luck!