6 Best Flute Apps

Research shows that learning any type of musical instrument helps relieve stress. Although mastering how to play the flute seems easy, it can be complicated for beginners. To master playing this wind instrument, you need constant practice.

The soulful music instrument requires you to be in proper posture and capable of coordinating your mind, fingers and breathing. Luckily, today there are flute learning apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

With flute learning apps, you can easily master and play flute flawless. Read on to find the best flute apps available on Android and iOS devices.

1. Master Flute Tuner

Flute Tuner

With this app, you get a precision tool that helps you quickly tune your flute. It is an easy app to use and is ideal for amateurs and professionals. The app comes with two modes i.e., tuner and pitchfork.

The Pitchfork mode lets you tune your flute on the app and play a sound to establish if the instrument is tuned properly. It allows you to play all the sounds automatically starting with the lowest string to the highest while tuning your flute.

With the Tuner mode, you can get help tuning your flute by switching the auto tuner on. The app will recognize the sound and help you tune the flute accordingly. Other features you get with this flute app include recordings of real sounds of flute, access to sets of strings characteristics for various types of flutes. Also, it can help you establish a deviation from the base frequency in cents.

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2. Fingercharts


This app is among the most comprehensive apps that use flute fingerings. It is equipped with more than 800 free flute fingerings and can access many more with its premium version. It is a complete package for any aspiring flutists.

The app lets you find fingerings and navigate easily. With the premium package of this app, you get to save unlimited fingerings offline for easy access. As well, the app provides you with alternate finger suggestion to enhance your intonations.

As such, using this app is an opportunity for you to improve your techniques. This app gives you a maximum of 10 alternates for each note so you are at liberty to select those that suit you best. Best of all, the app enjoys a high customer approval rating with a 4.3-star rating for Android and a 4.7-star rating for iOS.

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3. Learn FLUTE | tonestro


Tonestro app comes with all the features you need to learn flute. You can consider this flute companion as your pocket coach. It comes with unique and fun practising exercises that make learning more exciting.

The app provides you live feedback regarding your performance and even points out areas you can improve. Also, the app has a comprehensive collection of music sheet that is handy when moving. With this app, you won’t have to carry dozens of physical music sheets with you. What’s more, you get to compete with other musicians around the globe and be a maestro.

The app also provides an easy way to tune your flute. You use the app to tune your transverse flute quickly for the perfect pitch. Thanks to a metronome and special background music together with play alongs for various songs guide you to perfect rhythm.

In addition, you get access to a collection of guided lessons for all skill levels. You even get to learn how to read music notes while enhancing your flute skills. The weekly challenges motivate you to enhance your skills as you compare them with other flute players around the world.

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4. 2D Flute Fingering Chart

2D Flute Fingering Chart

One of the important aspects of learning flute is the proper placement of fingers. Literally, the flute involves the play of your fingers. With the 2D Flute Fingering Chart app, you will get to learn all that.

Usually, during the first several days of learning the flute, the instructor only teaches proper finger placements. Through this app, you will know how to place your fingers on the flute as you play. The app even lets you hear how musical notes sound when you place fingers in specific places.

To help users, the app comes with diagrams that show finger positions as well as demonstrations by live flutists. This way, it is a lot easier to learn how to play the flute using the app. The app even supports various types of flutes such as piccolo, flute, bass flute and alto flute.

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5. myGurukul


With this app, you get access to music gurus from anywhere. It is a video-based platform that specifically helps you learn Indian musical instruments. The app is the perfect choice if you wish to learn musical instruments in Indian style.

You get a myGurukul Masterclasses in flute, Sitar, table and Violin. The lessons in this app come from professionals who understand the traditional Gurukul Style. Apart from being remarkable professionals, these masters have teaching experience spanning more than 2 decades.

So, you will be in good hands with these masters. You will learn the recipe to becoming a successful, professional, or even a master flutist. The app allows you to learn flute online. Although teaches in Hindi, each lesson includes English Subtitles.

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6. 3D Flute Fingering Chart

3D Flute Fingering Chart

The app shows users how to position their fingers on a flute. With this app, you even get to hear the sound of each musical note. You even get 3D demonstrations that help you learn how to play the flute. It shows you how to place your fingers on the flute for each note.

The app includes a section that contains flute lessons. Also, it supports different types of flute such as alto flute, western concert flute, bass flute, piccolo and flute. It is a great app for flutists and beginners. Also, the app is perfect for music lovers.

The app has a high customer approval rating. On both Android and iOS, the app enjoys thousands of downloads and a 4.5-star rating. Also, the app is free to use. The app provides you with a step-by-step learning guide.

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