7 Best Property Management Apps

Technology has made our lives easier. And, there is no doubt that we want more of it.

After all, no one likes to go through the hassle of doing stuff, when that thing can be easily done with the help of highly improved tools and apps.

Coming to the main discussion, have you ever imagined how easier managing property will become once we get access to some good apps for the same?

Finalizing new tenants for your property, managing it, and collecting rent- all of these require quite your time and attention.

But, we know how busy you are!

To make property management easier for you, we have come up with the 7 best property management apps for Android & iOS.

Hop on to your couch to see what these highly effective property management apps are!

1. Appfolio


Using Appfolio will make you feel as if all your burdens and worries about property management have vanished.

This app enables you to manage a wide variety of rental properties. Let’s see what these property types are!

  • Residential;
  • Commercial;
  • Student Housing;
  • Community

Sharing important documents, making online payments and tracking maintenance requests have become quicker with Appfolio.

Tenant screening, leasing properties and rent tracking are just a tap away on your device, all thanks to Appfolio.

Initially, you may find it difficult to go through the setup process at Appfolio. But, don’t worry! You will be able to manage it pretty well.

Reduce the burden from your shoulders by using Appfolio and level up your property management business.

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2. Buildium


Use this excellent app launched by property managers, for property managers!

Simplify your business activities by using this cloud-based app as it will be the umbrella platform on which all your activities- starting from accounting, leasing, renting to maintenance, can be performed easily.

Lease out properties without facing any hassle. Create online reports, select tenants, send reminders for late payments, and sort out almost everything that comes with managing property.

Buildium can be your perfect buddy to manage the property and rent it out.

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3. Rentec Direct


This is yet another awesome property management app that has been designed exclusively for landlords and property managers.

With Rentec Direct, you can easily collect rent from your tenants, announce vacancies through this portal to your own business website, ensure proper processing of online applications for rent, monitor the requests for maintenance, etc. You can even organize the arduous process of tenant screening easily.

Credit cards and online payments are accepted by Rentec Direct, thus making it a further favourite app for property managers and landlords.

You won’t have to pay any setup fee, and you are sure to conduct your property management with utmost security on this platform.

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4. Propertyware


Welcome to this cloud-based app that offers a highly secured, end-to-end encrypted platform for managing properties easily.

Every act- starting from:

  • Marketing;
  • Accounting;
  • Leasing;
  • Maintenance;
  • Payment acceptance;
  • Tenant screening;
  • Lease renewal

…And, much more!

Use the templates to monitor various steps and make use of the automated processes to get rid of work stress, and manage property without undergoing any sort of problem.

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5. Quicken


Just as the app name suggests, Quicken will literally help you to “quicken” all your property-management related activities such as expense supervision, tenant information storage and tracking, payment management, and much more.

Have burden-free nights and sleep comfortably because your property management business can be monitored well with Quicken.

Apart from using this app on Android and iOS devices, it is compatible with Windows and Linux OS.

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6. Rent Manager


This is a highly advanced app that can revitalize your property management business.

The well-integrated accounting system, loads of customization facilities, effective policies of management of work order, payment and maintenance, along with the provision of an API portal to get personalised solutions have made it a good app for managing property.

Use the Rent Manager app on your smartphone to see how your work pressure gets reduced dramatically.

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7. Innago


Innago comes with an excellent User-friendly Interface to ensure you don’t face any problems in managing your property.

With this app, you can easily screen tenants, receive rent, sign leases, monitor maintenance, interact with tenants, and perform more such activities that can escalate the growth of your business while you stay tension-free.

Managing your property management business is now just a tap away!

Download Innago and see the magic!

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Final Words

Keep work burnout at bay by simplifying things for yourself. Managing property has now become way too rapid and easy with the advent of highly powerful apps. Choose any one of the 7 best property management apps for Android & iOS and stick to using it if it meets your requirements. It’s time to relax, buddy! After all, you can now reduce your workload with these apps and yet see your business flourishing. Isn’t that pretty awesome?