9 Best Woodworking Design Apps

Figuring out how to take proper measurements, make the right calculations, use specific tools, plan out a project or design your dream home has become way too easy a thing with mobile apps.

In this article, we bring you the 9 best woodworking design apps for Android & iOS devices. If you are a DIY enthusiast or have a keen interest in woodworking or carpentry, this article will prove very helpful. Read on!

1. Ruler App

Ruler App

This is a fantastic app powered by Augmented Reality or AR Technology. Taking measurements will now take you just a few seconds. Just open the app, use your smartphone camera and hold it in front of the plane to measure it by using a wide range of measurement tools. 

Forget doing the back-breaking task of taking measurements patiently. Keep the object in front of the camera while the app is running on your device and the app will note down the measurements for you. 

You can even note down the measurement findings in various units such as metre, centimetre, yard, feet, and much more. Use any convenient unit you like. AR technology is here to save your time, so make optimal utilisation of it. Develop killer woodworking designs, creative peeps!

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2. Woodworking 101

Woodworking 101

If you are a newbie in the carpentry field and wish to know more about DIY art, Woodworking 101 is going to be a perfect app for you. It will brief you about the basics of woodworking and empower you with much-needed knowledge about various measurement taking procedures, safety precautions, and great information about various tools. 

The UI is simple and quite easy to navigate. There are separate chapters that explain the usage of various kinds of joints, tools and explain the entire work mechanism that is followed in carpentry. 

You can even use Woodworking 101 in offline mode. A must-have app for your device!


3. Felder Group Woodworking

Felder Group Woodworking

Felder Group is that well-reputed brand with which almost all the carpenters are acquainted. This app lets you view the diverse types of woodworking tools and keeps you informed about their functions. Oh, did we say that these tools suggested by the app are literally the best and quite durable?

You may even use the calculator that comes integrated within the app. It will help you to calculate the golden ratio, wasted amount of the wood, weight of the panel, and several other difficult technical measurements.

For any sort of problems, you may even contact the Felder Group Service Department, and get rid of all your problems related to woodworking.

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4. Drill Calc

Drill Calc

How frustrating it is to get to the exact figure of drill bit size? 

Use Drill Calc to simplify your calculative tasks and find out the correct drill size. You can also have access to loads of fractional bit sizes. The simple and user-friendly interface of the app is a great bonus.

Investing in this app can work wonders on your woodworking designs, you see?


5. Homestyle Interior Design

Homestyler - 3D Design Tool

Use this free app to renovate your office or home. Develop your own interior designing profile, come up with killer ideas, and give your property a lovely look. 

Decorate your home or office in the best way possible by taking tips and help from the DIY design projects and home design community. 

Have fun residing in a fully renovated property! No need to hire any professional, do all of the interior designing by yourself. Isn’t that pretty awesome?

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6. I.D Wood

I.D. Wood

Pay $4.99 to use this app and come across some of the best wood varieties to get the right idea as to how you can deck up your home or create striking furniture pieces. 

Get to know about the types of woods, species name, durability, and much more. 

You may even use various filters such as shade, name and get the exact wood type you wanted. You will also be able to load yourself with important info about the wood such as cutting processes, lumber details, and much more. 

Your next woodwork masterpiece is on its way! Use this app and convert your ideas to reality.


7. The Woodshop Widget

The Woodshop Widget

Uncomplicate your woodworking job with this app! This app is compatible with both Android and iOS apps, but yes, this is not a free app, so you need to pay for it. 

No matter what kind of DIY project you have at hand, using this app will simplify your carpentry work. 

You can analyse wood density, measure various wood pieces, compare the quality of various wood types, and move ahead with your carpentry work unabated.


8. Moblo


Bring all your creative abilities to the fore by using Moblo! Use this app to design your own furniture and make use of various options to see how the furniture set will look in your room. 

You get to watch a 3D overview of the furniture that will be projected in the app, based on your creative ideas. 

Create fantastic wood pieces or furniture sets by letting your ideas land in the real world by using the 3D app of Moblo.

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9. iHandy Carpenter


iHandy Carpenter lets you gain access to several crucial tools such as plumb bob tool, protractor and surface-level bar.

The well-integrated ruler will also make it easier for you to take all the measurements precisely. 

Just pay $2 and gain access to some really helpful tools that can take your woodworking game to the next level.

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Final Words

Do all of the exhausting tasks with the help of any of the 9 best woodworking design apps for Android & iOS we listed above. Make use of digitalization and see how things get way too simplified. Save your time and precious energy, and let the app do its work. Let your creative ideas flow and develop your own fascinating woodworking designs. Go creative with these apps! Happy woodworking!